Lyrics > The Heritage Radio All Stars – Dead Landlord Blues / Swamp Thing

Writers: The Heritage Radio All Stars
Published: [unknown]
Release: n/a
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Actual title not known, this song was recorded for Arts & Seizures, Brooklyn, New York (19 March 2017). Broadcast as part of a second separate show on 26 March 2017. Main vocal by Rob Kennedy, part of the introduction is by Mike Edison, BLUE text by Jon Spencer and closing Swamp Thing section by Cliff Mott.
My landlord, my super died

I lived in a property named Bliss Properties
I had the most wonderful super
Bliss Properties?
Bliss Properties
Sounds like an all-inclusive sex joint in Jamaica 1972

Columbia Road, Washington, DC, Seventies
It was blissful Michael
But. And the super, he was a weed head and a booze head
And he’d work hard all week
The on Friday he’d get fucking down and you would not deal with the man until Monday morning
And then he had the heart attack
And after the heart attack
He cleaned up his act

You don’t want to clean up your act
Not like that
It’ll fuck a guy up
It’s bad
It killed him
It killed my super
It killed your super
My super died
My super died
That man died
By cleaning up his act too fast
You don’t want to go like that
You want to make it last
You got to take it slow
Gotta make those changes slow
Not to say you can’t change
You gotta rearrange
But, but, but, don’t change it in one move
The doctor told him
He had to clean up
He did it, in one hour, yo
You don’t want to clean up your act like that
I don’t know what you need
It’s bad Jon Spencer
Don’t clean up your act like that
Tell me about your Super baby

Well, my super died
It was my next door neighbour
I live in 2A
My super lived in 2B
Please don’t tell me it was the smell that told you
That happened to me once
My wife was leaving for work, Cristina was going out the building
And the EMT’s were coming in
Oh no
The super dropped dead
Not shovelling snow?
No, no, he was smoking a cigar outside of the building
I think it was a massive coronary event or something
He was overcome
These are New York stories
So, then, like, my wife, she had to sit there, you know, ’cause
To try to help out
And then the Super’s wife came from her job
Oh my god, it’s getting worse
This is serious
It’s bad
It’s bad

I don’t like seeing people die
I saw a man die on the streets in New York
Falling by the window that I was working in front of
Three stories that man fell down
He crawled under the nearest van
And that was the problem for the EMT’s
Because then they had to drag the man out with a broken back

People, life is tough
Life is tough
But no matter how bad it is you never feel like you had enough

Rob Kennedy there’s someone else who had enough just recently and I’m not talking about Mr Chuck Berry, I’m talking about Mr Bernie Wrightson

Bernie Wrightson
The great EC man
Bernie Wrightson
We’ve got a special guest in the studio right now
I’m talking about
Cliff Mott, get on the microphone, let ’em know where it’s at
‘Cause it’s Bernie, Bernie, my god
Walk-in guest here at the pizza party

Cliff Mott: Robert Kennedy is tucking into a slice…

Swamp thing
Swamp thing
[Swamp thing]
Swamp thing
[Swamp thing]
Swamp thing
[Swamp thing]
They’re coming to get ya
[Swamp thing]
Swamp thing

Full moon
Bats in the belfry

Now, Cliff
Yes, yes
You’re a super aren’t ya?
You’re the super of your building
I am
Are you dead?
Not yet but I’m working on it
Have you checked?
I better
You look a little pale
And it feels good
I don’t see any….

It’s alive!

Swamp thing
Swamp thing
Swamp thing
Swamp thing
Swamp thing
Swamp thing

Da, da, da, da, da, da, da
Cha, cha, cha