Lyrics > Yo La Tengo with Jon Spencer – Love Power

Lyrics: Herb Hartig
Music: Norman Blagman
From: [unreleased]
Source: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Yo La Tengo with Jon Spencer covered this song from The Producers [RELEASE / LYRICS], these are the lyrics as performed at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, US on 16 December 2001. The second half of the song is ad-libbed and contains some errors and gaps.
Love power
That’s right
Talkin’ ’bout love power
The power of a flower
It’s gonna rule the earth
And it’s sweet will rebirth


Love is a flower that is fine
When I’m walkin’ with my darlin’ and we’re holding hands
And we’re feelin’ fine
Because she understands
Walking down the sunny street
Givin’ pretty flowers to the people that we meet

And I give a flower to the big fat cop
He takes his club and he beats me up
I give a flower to the garbage man
And he stuffs my girl in the garbage can
Yeah, I give it to the landlord, when the rent comes ’round
He throws it in the toilet, he flushes it down
It goes into the sewer with the yuck running through her
And winds-up in the river that we drink
Hey world, you stink!

And it’s later than you think
World you got just one more chance
Oh baby, while I dance

(I’m not ready, try it again)

Love power
Talking about love power
The power of a little flower
But you know what?
I don’t think you care about no little flowers at all
Oh no, you don’t care ’bout the flowers at all
I’ve got a…
Got this…
You know I’m embaressed to say it
I turn around and see a little flower stand there, sitting on James’ bass amp
And I…
I’m sorta sorry to say this myself but I don’t care about no little flowers at all
Flowers, they don’t mean nothing to me
But, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about love
That doesn’t mean I don’t feel love deep in my heart
Oh no
I feel so…
I got so much love right now
That I don’t wanna talk…
I just can’t express the love I’m feeling love right now
I don’t want to talk about flowers
I don’t want to talk about tokens of love
I don’t want to talk about candy in the shape of hearts.
I don’t want to talk about Valentines, Valentines Day
I just want to talk about love
I don’t want to talk about holiday
I don’t want to talk about Christmas spirit or seasons greetings
Just the love I feel
Because, ’cause right now, I’m not, I’m not ashamed to say that
I feel so much love right now
Feel love for Jon Spencer, right now
And maybe I shouldn’t say that but I do, I feel love for Jon Spencer
Spreading the love, the light
Making me feel so good
And, and, and I think about…
Oh my god and it all swells up inside of me
and, ha ha, oh
I just feel the * tune of the guitar
Just for love
Feels so good
I just, I just feel love
Thinking about
Tired of this love
Tired of this love
And James, oh man
I don’t know where to start, talking about James
It’s just * plays it soft
Arousing people
James just a little bit around
oh, oh
I’m practically speechless, pratically but not quiet
Not quite
It’s just
I’ve, I’ve been here a while
Oh god, oh god
I can’t even, I’m not even gonna tell you what I feel about this
[Love Power]
Between you and me
[Love Power]
Just between you and me
You know
[Love Power]
I’ve been here for many days
[Love Power]
8, 9, 11
[Love Power]
There’s so much love
[Love Power]
There’s so much love
[Love Power]
Come back tomorrow
[Love Power]
I don’t know
I mean what shall I do tomorrow?
[Love Power]
I’m here every night and feeling the love
[Love Power]
We turn someone on
And maybe
[Love Power]
Maybe there’s *
[Love Power]
Tomorrow night
[Love Power]
Hey whaddya say?
Yeah, tomorrow night
[Love Power]
Let’s just
[Love Power]
Oh let’s go to the movies
[Love Power]
Let’s watch some TV
[Love Power]
Let’s do anything but come here
[Love Power]
For gods sake
[Love Power]
That’s enough
[Love Power]
That’s enough
[Love Power]
And, and I don’t know
[Love Power]
I don’t know
[Love Power]
If any of this could any of this possibly help anybody tonight
[Love Power]
Maybe with any luck
[Love Power]
This time next year
There’ll be no more war
[Love Power]
There’ll be no more war
[Love Power]
No more war
[Love Power]
Just, just, just, one, one, one man
[Love, Love, Love]
Feel me

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