Men Without Pants – And The Girls Go [Promo] (CD, US)

April 2009 Expansion Team Records
01. And The Girls Go Men Without Pants - And The Girls Go [Promo] (CD, US)
One track promo in album-style case featuring And The Girls Go from the Men Without Pants album Naturally.
Men Without Pants is Russell Simins and Dan The Automator
All Tracks Written by Men Without Pants
Produced: Russell Simins and Dan the Automator
Recorded by Jamey Staub, Jay Braun, Phil Hernandez, Chris Maxwell, Danny Madorsky and Dan The Automator
Recorded at Empire VU NYC, 2 Berry Brooklyn, Elegant Too Recording NYC and The Glue Factory SF
Mastered by Andy Heermans at Polywog Recording Co NYC
Published: Russell Simins (BMI), Sharkman Songs (ASCAP), Negaverse Music (ASCAP), Elegant Too Music (ASCAP), Money Waters Music (BMI) and Electric Sweat (ASCAP)

01. And The Girls Go
Drums/Guitar/Vocals: Russell Simins
Bass/Guitar/Sounds: Rick Lee
Keys: Yuka Honda
Vocals/Percussion: Amanda Garrett
Mixed: Jamey Staub and Russell Simins at Empire VU
Run Time: 3:25

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