Lyrics > Men Without Pants – And The Girls Go

Writers: Men Without Pants
Published: [Sleeve does not give publishing details for each track]
From: Men Without Pants (CD, JAPAN)
Source: Men Without Pants (CD, JAPAN)
All You Need Is Luck
And The Girls Go
The Beginning
Double Life
I Do
If You`re Thinkin' Of Me
Keep On Movin`
Let's Meet In Real Life
My Balloon
Never Gonna Do That Again
Right Now
Rock Show
These Days
Livin’ like a dirty hound
A girl at home and one in every town
Just tryin’ to get it right
Isn’t that what it’s all about
Yeah we’re really livin’ now
That’s what it’s all about

And the girls they go
Ahh ahh ahh
Like they do when they’re having sex

Living like a dirty hound
Knew her last night, I don’t know her now
Just having a good time
Isn’t that what it’s all about
So go on with you’re yoga and you’re livin’ right
I know what you really want