Rob K/MDA – The Purgatory Home Companion, Ed. 1 (DOWNLOAD, US)

11 December 2010 n/a [unknown]
01. KATO
02. The New Life
03. Bardot Hotel
04. The Hit
05. Mt. Purgatory
06. First Night’s Dream
07. Time to Pay
08. Terra Cognito
09. Haunts of the Famous
10. Second Night’s Dream
11. Spirit Level
12. Skeletons in the Closet
13. Waiting
14. Opportunity Knocks
15. Third Night’s Dream
16. Look in the Mirror
Rob K album Purgatory Home Companion, Ed. 1 featuring Jon Spencer playing electric guitar on Opportunity Knocks.

This album was reissued in 2022 as part of the three-disc set The Comedie of Robert Kennedy“.

The record is “a sound collage “cut up” from over 100 contributions. It’s an epic poem, a sequel to Workdogs In Hell and an homage to The Divine Comedy. As in Purgatorio, the action takes place over three days and a morning and nominally is the story of climbing Mt. Purgatory.”

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion album Mo’ Width features a track titled Rob K (Rob K is President on the re-release) on which he performs as a preacher. And finally Jon Spencer has recorded with Rob K on several Workdogs records.

01. KATO
Cognito Perceptu: radio static
Beatnik Flies: full band sample
Daniel Matisse: full band sample
Spider Cake: full band sample
Dave Findley: acoustic guitar sample
Lucas Lucas: electronic sound sample
Wooden Tit: full band sample
Dennis Driscol: voice sample
Danny Dollrod: slide guitar and flute sample
Danny Shea: full band sample
Kai Wallace: piano and drum sample
Dennis & Daniel Callagahan: electric guitar sample
Run Time: 0:28

02. The New Life
Bob Bert: drum
Samoa: guitar
Bruce Bennett: guitar
Mark Fairchild: lead guitar
Bond Bergland: slide guitar
Run Time: 02:59

03. Bardot Hotel
Mike McHugh: drums
John Wahl: organ
Terri Wahl: slide guitar
Jimmy Hole: guitar
Jim Fourniadis: Harmonica

Rob K: bass, words
MDA: tambourine
Run Time: 03:54

04. The Hit
DJ Mayhem: turntables

Rob K: words
MDA: drum programming, synthesizers, guitars, sound FX
Run Time: 03:55

05. Mt. Purgatory
Mark C & Bob Bert: full band track “Rain mood”
Shana Lindsay: voice
John Viet: guitar
Ron Seivers: guitar
Tetsuya Hawakawa: guitar
David Fair: full band samples
Jay Dee Daugherty: drums
Jad Fair and Rob Erickson: voices

Rob K: words
MDA: synthesizer, samples, percussion, guitars
Run Time: 06:09

06. First Night’s Dream
Jim Fourniadis: “Dude”
Kaikea Blakemore: voice
David Fair: drum tracks
Angela Babin: guitar
Stuart Argabright: vocal samples
Dave Brown: guitar
Ted Rosenthal: malfunctioning CD player
Fran Powers: Satan
DJ Mayhem: turntable samples
Bob Whites: ending
Malcom Rivera: organ
Ron Seivers: guitar

Rob K: words
MDA: bass, guitars, organ
Run Time: 05:20

07. Time to Pay
See: spoken words, piano samples
Xanthe Smith&Daran Campbell: backing vocals
Experimental Bunnies: band track “Build A House”
Tetsuya Hawakawa: guitar
Jim Glennon: guitar and voice
Chris Beneke: guitar and voice

Rob K: words, alarm clock
MDA: electric guitar, piano
Run Time: 06:16

08. Terra Cognito
Scott Jarvis: drums, tympani, triangle
Jim Glennon: guitar sample
Joe Ujj: band track
Adam Fayers: guitar
Ken Matsutani: lead guitar in outro, left side
Jerry Williams: lead guitar in outro, right side

Rob K: words
MDA: guitars, bass, drum and percussion loops, synthesizer, sound effects
Run Time: 05:11

09. Haunts of the Famous
Go go boy: One man band
Lisa Mednik Powell, Kip Powell, Sam Kastner: full band track “The Dishes”
Peter Serafin: voice
Jerry Williams: guitar
Mark & Ian Jickling: banjo and mandolin samples

Rob K: words
MDA: bebop drum programming, percussion, samples, loops, sound effects, lead guitar at end Run Time: 08:19

10. Second Night’s Dream
Ken Matsutani: guitar
Rudi Protrudi: radio interview
Mark Lindsay: radio interview
Unknown announcer: radio interview
Adam Fayers: angry guitar, angry guy voice sample
Mark Elliot: acoustic &slide guitar
Okand Titel: electricity rant
Scott Armstrong: Bush voice mash-up
David Fair: band track sample
Angela Babin: electric guitar
Joe Ujj: band track
Run Time: 05:41

11. Spirit Level 04:09
Bond Bergland: slide guitar

Rob K: words
MDA: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drum loops, sound effects, samples, percussion
Run Time:

12. Skeletons in the Closet
Dave Rubens: guitar
Jim & Julia Waters: voices and ukulele
Juan Viet: guitars, drums
Marcio Tralha: band track
Fritz Fox: harmonica
Leila Haddad: voice
Ryan Skeleton Boy: bass

Rob K: words
MDA: rattlesnake FX
Run Time: 02:49

13. Waiting
David Fair: band track
Kaikea Blakemore & Darrell Houston: voices
Marcellus Hall & Chris Leo: guitar and harmonica

Rob K: words
MDA: bass, guitars, loops, samples, drum programming, sound effects
Run Time: 01:43

14. Opportunity Knocks
Jon Spencer: electric guitar
Marco Butcher: slide guitar
Dave Lebolt: organ, tambourine

Rob K: words
MDA: bass, rhythm guitar, drums
Run Time: 3:19

15. Third Night’s Dream
Scott Armstrong: vocal sample
Mike Osterhaut: guitar
Eve Dianiska: relax
DJ Mayhem: turntable samples
Kaikea Blakemore: voice
Mary Kelley: voice
Jerry Williams: guitar solo

Rob K: words
MDA: guitars, bass, drum programming, electronic sounds, harmonium, temple bell, gong, voice
Run Time:05:09

16. Look in the Mirror
Edmond Badoux: panpipes, acoustic guitar, voice
Francy Vidal: panpipes, voice
Brian Bilsky: twelve-string acoustic guitar
Mary Kelley: voice
Liz Miller: voice
Dan Harder: congas

Rob K: words
MDA: guitars, slide guitar, bass, electric piano, organ, drum programming, percussion, loops, voice, sound effects
Run Time: 07:41

SLEEVE NOTES: [LINK] for full lyrics, info and details.]
ARTWORK: [unknown]

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