V/A feat. Laboratory of the Self – GANAPATAYE (FILM, US)

24 September 2020 Laboratory of the Self
GANAPATAYE is a short film shot in Washington Square Park on 10 April 2020, produced by Laboratory of the Self which includes Judah Bauer as music producer.

GANAPATAYE “is the long awaited bonus track to the still yet to be released Chamunda album“.

“Our Short Film GANAPATAYE is an official selection for the Global Nonviolent Film Festival! More info soon

Global Nonviolent Film Festival | The Most Important & Renown Nonviolent Film Festival in the World” – Laboratory of the Self

nb. The film festival runs from 24 September 2020 to 4 October 2020.

The plague of 2020 rips away the veil on the world as we once knew it. Multi-dimensional time lines reveal biological life moving simultaneously with the cosmos. The singular, linear storyline of an emptied, diseased city dissolves and opens to the mind-expanding reality that many stories are always unfolding at once. That which is perceived as empty is full, encompassing the mundane, the glorious, the terrifying and every nuanced iteration imaginable… and unimaginable. The song is a character within the film, a celestial siren calling for a new beginning of harmony on Earth, and in relationship to the unseen.

Laboratory of The Self is Elizabeth Rossa, Johnny Rossa and Meredith Meyer produced by Judah Bauer. They previously released the album CHAMUNDA on CD and three track 12″ single (with full album download).

The film was also shown as part of Red Hook Film Festival on 8 October 2023:

“Ganapataye” by Elizabeth Rossa
The plague of 2020 rips away the veil. Multi-dimensional time lines reveal Spirit at play within the chaos, clearing the path of obstacles. The threshold of a new beginning appears.



Laboratory of the Self:
Elizabeth Rossa
Johnny Rossa
Meredith Meyer

Direction & Cinematography: Elizabeth Rossa
Produced: Laboratory of the Self
Starring: Lekha & Saara Wood with Lucia Ribisi
Film Editing: Johnny Rossa
Music Producer: Judah Bauer
Mixed: Wayne Trevisani
Recorded: Rocco Guarino
Original Music: Johnny Rossa / Meredith Meyer / Elizabeth Rossa
Extra Musical Magic: Gregg Foreman