V/A feat. Twenty Miles ‎– Giugno 2002 (CD, ITALY)

2002 Il Mucchio Selvaggio
01. Andrea Chimenti – Vanità
02. Pony Club – Single
03. The Cooper Temple Clause – Amber
04. Six By Seven – Flypaper For Freaks
05. Micevice – Raise A Shout
06. Tram – Three Years
07. Alfie – Bends For 72 Miles
08. Valentina Dorme – Ford
09. Wilt – Distortion
10. Twenty Miles – Rhythm Bound
11. Eric Mingus – Roll With The Demons
12. Pedro The Lion – Penetration
13. Guided By Voices – Everywhere With Helicopter
14. Buffalo Daughter – Earth Punk Rockers
15. Trans Am – You Will Be There
V/A feat. Twenty Miles ‎– Giugno 2002 (CD, ITALY)
Covermount compilation including the Twenty Miles track Rhythm Bound from Keep It Coming.

06. Twenty Miles – Rhythm Bound
[Credits from Keep It Coming]
Writer: Judah Bauer
Published: Twenty Miles Music (BMI)
Recorded: At Home
Production Help: Steve and Tim at Soucerer

Guitar/Vocals/Harp: Judah Bauer
Drums: Josh Churchill, Jason Marcucci, Donovan Bauer, Steve Jordan and Cody Dickinson
Bass: Phil Cohen, Phil Duggan, Judah, Jeff Delbello, Rob Connelly, Steve and Jilli Morsia
Pedal Steel: Jon Graboff
Extra Vocals: Hollis Queens, Amanda, Steve, Tim Conklin, Chris, Greg Anderson
Percussion: Steve and Josh
Piano: Greg Guarino
Engineers: Jason Marcucci, Minoru Yokoo, Bill Emmons, Peter Arsenault, Tim Conklin, Chris Theodorou and Jerry Teel.
Mixed: Tim Conklin and Chris Theodorou at Sourcerer

ARTWORK: [unknown]

BARCODE: [unknown]

MATRIX: [unknown]