V/A feat. Twenty Miles – Musik Express #77 (CD, GERMANY)

June 2003 Fat Possum/Anti musikexpress 77
01. Tricky – Antimatter
02. Tom Waits – God’s Away On Business
03. Muggs – Gone For Good
04. Buju Banton – One To One
05. Daniel Lanois – Falling At Your Feet
06. Solomon Burke – Fast Train
07. Merle Haggard – Wishing All These Old Things
08. R.L. Burnside – Hard Time Killing Floor
09. 20 Miles – Only One
10. Black Keys, The – Hard Row
11. Bob Log III – One Man Band Boom
12. Asie Payton – 1000 Years
V/A feat. Twenty Miles - Musik Express #77 (CD, GERMANY) - Cover
Compilation CD given away with issue #77 of Musik Express magazine featuring Only One by 20 Miles from the album Keep It Coming.
09. 20 Miles – Only One
Writers: Judah Bauer/Donovan Bauer/Phil Cohen
Published: Twenty Miles Music (BMI)
Recorded: At Home
Guitar/Vocals/Harp: Judah Bauer
Drums: Josh Churchill, Jason Marcucci, Donovan Bauer, Steve Jordan and Cody Dickinson
Bass: Phil Cohen, Phil Duggan, Judah, Jeff Delbello, Rob Connelly, Steve and Jilli Morsia
Pedal Steel: Jon Graboff
Extra Vocals: Hollis Queens, Amanda, Steve, Tim Conklin, Chris, Greg Anderson
Percussion: Steve and Josh
Piano: Greg Guarino
Engineers: Jason Marcucci, Minoru Yokoo, Bill Emmons, Peter Arsenault, Tim Conklin, Chris Theodorou and Jerry Teel.
Mixed: Tim Conklin and Chris Theodorou at Sourcerer
ARTWORK: [unknown]


MATRIX: [unknown]