Boss Hog – Club Helsinki, Hudson, New York, US (9 June 2018)

Boss Hog show at Club Helsinki, 405 Columbia Street, Hudson, New York, US with The Bobby Lees and DJ Peter Aaron on 9 June 2018.

Boss Hog covered I Hate You by The Monks at this show.

“Sam Quartin, singer/guitarist for Woodstock, New York-based band The Bobby Lees, laughs as she recalls how she almost blew the chance for her band to work with Jon Spencer (of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Pussy Galore fame). “He emailed us randomly and asked us to open for him when he was playing up in Hudson, New York. I had never even heard of Jon Spencer before. I didn’t know who he was! I was like, ‘Sorry, we’re busy.’ Then I looked him up and I was like, ‘Holy shit!’”

There really was a scheduling conflict – bass player Kendall Wind had her high school graduation ceremony on the proposed night. But once Quartin and her bandmates realized Spencer’s status, they knew even that momentous occasion couldn’t stand in the way of this opportunity. “I wrote him back: ‘Actually…we can do it,’” Quartin says wryly. “So Kendall just rushed from graduation and we did it.”” –


Devious Motherfucker
Winn Coma
Black Eyes
Pop Catastrophe
Ground Control
Nursery Rhyme
I Dig You
I Hate You
What the Fuck


The Bobby Lees:

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