Boss Hog – Cold Hands (CD, GERMANY)

2 December 1990 Amphetamine Reptile Records ARRCD 16/127 /
EFA CD 08127-26
01. Gerard
02. Eddy
03. Bug Purr
04. Red Bull
05. Go Wrong
06. Pete Shore
07. Domestic
08. Duchess
09. Pop Catastrophe
Boss Hog - Cold Hand (CD, GERMANY) - Cover
Issued in standard CD case, also available on cassette and vinyl.

Images show two slight variations of the same pressing, the second line of images has a different print of the disc artwork which has a thinner border and the black colour doesn’t cover the inner ring showing the matrix number.

The final image of Cristina Martinez taken by Michael Lavine on August 23, 1990 (posted online February, 2020) would appear to be from the same shoot as the photo used on the rear of the cover insert.

European issue has the ARRCD 16/127 catalogue number rather than ARR 89192-2.

Disc was manufactured in November 1990 which would suggest that it would have been released very late 1990 or early 1991.

With the exception of European label information and catalogue numbers the artwork is an exact copy of the US issue even including the “Jacket made in Canada” text and US catalogue number.

nb. In an NME interview Jon Spencer refers to this album as “Straight Up” which suggests this may have been the original title.

Gerard appeared on the Ugly American Overkill compilation.

Amphetamine Reptile Records also issued a promotional photograph of the band photo used on the album artwork.

According to an article in New York Magazine titled “She’s The Boss” the cover image is a ‘take off’ of a Cindy Crawford advert for Halston.

Boss Hog – Cold Hands [Test Pressing] (LP, US)
Boss Hog – Cold Hands (LP, GERMANY)
Boss Hog – Cold Hands (CD, US)
Boss Hog – Cold Hands (CASSETTE, US)
Boss Hog – Cold Hands [Test Pressing] (LP, GERMANY)
Boss Hog – Cold Hands (LP, GERMANY)
Boss Hog – Cold Hands (CD, GERMANY)

The Boss Hog All-Stars:
Jonathan Spencer
Kurt Wolf
Pete Shore
Charlie Ondras
Jerry TeelGuest Stars:
Santiago Durango & Kurt HoffmanAll songs Recorded: Con Ed Bair & Peter Arsenault at Soundscape, N.Y.C. 1990
Mixed: Con Ed & Peter at Bair Tracks, N.Y.C. 1990
Except: ‘Red Bull’ recorded & mixed in Chicago with Steve
Photographs: Michael Lavine
Band Photograph: Jens JurgensenREAR:
“Manufactured by Twin/Tone Records, Distributed in the U.S. by Rough Trade, Inc. ©(p) Amphetamine Reptile Records / ARR 89192-2, 2541 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN, 55404. Jacket made in Canada.”and

“Amphetamine Reptile Records, EFA CD 08127-26, Manufactured and marketed in Europe by Glitterhouse Records, Gruner Weg 25 3472 Beverungen West Germany, Under exclusive license ARRCD 16/127 LC 8323”

Photographs: Michael Lavine
Band Photograph: Jens Jurgensen


MATRIX: “GRCD 127 P+O-7599-A1 11-90”