Boss Hog > Discography (Chronological)

Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin' [2017]LPUSSHOV23 / AMREP1062017.10.28
Abus DangereuxCDFR#1482017.04.25
Brood XCDEUBR512017.03.24
Brood XLPEUBR51LP2017.03.24
Brood X [Test Pressing]
Brood X [Promo] CDEU-2017.03.24
Brood XLPUSITR311 2017.04.07
Brood X [Colour Vinyl] LPUSITR311 2017.04.07
Brood XCDUSITR311CD2017.03.24
Formula X [Promo] CDUKn/a2017.03.24
Les Sorties du 24.03 et du 31.03 [Promo]CDFRn/a2017.03.23
CDUKUNCUT 2017 052017.03.16
Love SoldiersCDGER-2017.02.20
Battle Hymns
Rare Tracks Special: Volume Two CDGERNr. 2862016.12.00
Brood Star [Red]12"EUBR492016.09.28
Brood Star [Test Pressing]12"EUBR492016.09.28
Brood Star12"USITR 3022016.07.15
Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin' [2016]CDUSAMREP1062016.05.01
Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin' [2016] [Tour Edition] [White/Purple]LPUSAMREP1062016.07.11
Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin' [2016] [Mail Order Edition]LPUSAMREP1062016.05.01
Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin' [2016] [Tour Edition] [Black]
Psychopticotic Vol. One [Silver Ink - Red/Blue] 10"USAMREP1072016.04.18
Psychopticotic Vol. One [White Ink - Red/Blue]10"USAMREP1072016.04.18
Psychopticotic Vol. One [Black] 10"USAMREP1072016.04.18
Psychopticotic Vol. One [Splatter]10"USAMREP1072016.04.18
Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets: 1988-1998 Volume 1-113xLPUSAMREP1052016.01.15
Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets: 1988-1998 Volume 1-112xCDUSAMREP1052015.12.11
Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets Vol. 122x7"USSCALE 1172010.08.28
Non-Collector Scum CD: All The Overpriced Goodies For The Price of a BeerCDUS9030-CD00012010.08.28
Live Sessions Vol. 4: Terre T's 2010 WFMU Marathon Premium CDUS-2010.00.00
Dope, Guns and Fucking Up Your Video Deck...DVDUS3543-DV-00612004.03.23
Halloween Party CDIT59494422003.10.00
Rough Trade Shops: Rock And Roll 1 2xCDUKcdstumm2122002.12.04
Rough Trade Shops: Rock And Roll 1 [Promo] CDUKn/a2002.12.04
Was Tun, Wenn's Brennt?CDGER81180122002.01.28
Festival Music Sampler / The 2001 Sampler [Vol 1]2xCDAUSFMP12001.00.00
Visions: Anniversary - Part 2CDGERVisions #100 II2001.07.00
Commercial Breaks: The Essential Sound of TV...CDUKCOMBCD012001.06.18
Levi's Engineered Jeans [PROMO] CDIT-2001.05.00
Levi's MusicCDFR74321 788 0222001.05.29
Itchy + Scratchy/The Second LineCDFR8 97163 22001.05.00
Itchy & Scratchy [Promo] CDUKBOSSHOG12000.09.11
Itchy + ScratchyCDUKCITY SLANG 20172-22000.09.11
Itchy + ScratchyCDGER7243 897128 0 32000.09.11
Campinglight To Lowlands ParadiseCDNL444.0028.292000.08.19
Opscene #13CDNLOPSCD132000.04/05
Radioplay - Euro Express - 355U - May 5, 2000CDUS355U2000.05.05
Get It While You Wait [Promo]VHSUKn/a2000.04.24
Get It While You Wait [Promo] CDUKn/a2000.04.24
Get It While You Wait7"UK20156-72000.04.24
Get It While You Wait [White Label] [Promo] 7"EU20156-72000.04.24
Get It While You WaitCDEU7243896768222000.04.24
Get It While You WaitCDUK20156-22000.04.24
Get It While You WaitCDGER20156-2 / 89670122000.04.24
Le Printemps De Bourges Du 19 Au 24 Avril 2000CDFRn/a2000.04.24
Get It While You Wait [1 Track] [Promo]CDFRVISA 60352000.04.00
Rock & Folk Radio Show No. 13CDFR-2000.04.00
Rock & Folk Radio Show No. 12CDFR-2000.03.00
Objectif 2000 - Tome 2CDFRCD LI 00 22 2000.03.00
Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000.2 CDUKUncut33 UG-14 202000.03.00
Rolling Stone: New Voices 34CDUS-2000.03.00
Rock Sound Volume 40CDFRRSCD0402000.00.00
Whiteout [White Vinyl]LPJPITR-0682000.02.22
WhiteoutCDUKCITY SLANG 20150-22000.02.14
WhiteoutLPUKCITY SLANG 20150-1 / EFA 08731-12002.02.14
Whiteout LPUSITR-0682000.02.14
Whiteout [Single]CDEU7 243 8 96513 2 4 / 8965132-42000.02.07
Whiteout [Single]CDUKCITY SLANG 21049-2 / VIRGIN 89644122000.02.07
Whiteout [Single]7"UKCITY SLANG 21049-72000.02.07
WhiteoutCDGERCITY SLANG 20150-0 / Virgin 848742 02000.02.00
Whiteout [Promo]CDGERCITY SLANG 20150-2 / Virgin 848742 22000.02.00
Whiteout [Promo]CDAUSLAMPPR 0032000.02.00
The New, The Classic & The Unexplored Vol. 12CDGER-2000.02.00
Q The Music 12 CDUKQCD 122000.02.00
Whiteout [Promo]CDFRSA49372000.02.00
Whiteout [Audio] [Promo] CDFR-2000.02.00
Whiteout [Enhanced Section] [Promo]CDFR-2000.02.00
Whiteout [Promo]CDUSITR-0682000.02.00
Objectif PubCDFR-2000.00.00
Rock Sound #26CDSPRSCDE0262000.00.00
3RRR Soundscape Vol. 3 2xCDAUS53101422000.00.00
Sound Selection 5 2xCDGER849 627-22000.00.00
This Music Won't Let You Sleep! CDIT-2000.00.00
Virgin Collection Ete 2000 [PROMO]VHSFR-2000.00.00
Collection été 2000 Variété InternationnaleCDFRVisa 61232000.00.00
Communication: 10 Years Of City SlangCDUKSLANG12000.00.00
Defender/"Old School"7"USITR-0671999.10.00
Whiteout [#2]CDJPTFCK-871891999.08.21
Rough Demos [Promo]CDUS-1999.00.00
03: Good Stuff2xCDGREPROME 201999.00.00
Happy Holidays From Manage This!: Unreleased Tidbits And Niblets 1998 CDUS-1998.00.00
Funhouse Demos '98CDUSn/a1998.00.00
Suburbia: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCASUSDGCC-251211997.02.04
Suburbia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [#2]
Suburbia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CDKORDGC 91301997.00.00
Suburbia: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCDEUGED 251211997.02.00
Suburbia: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCDCANDGCSD-251211997.02.00
Suburbia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Promo] [#2]CDUSDGCD-251211997.02.04
Suburbia: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCDUSDGCD-251211997.02.04
SubUrbia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Promo]CDUSDGCD-251211997.02.04
Suburbia: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCDJPMVCG-2231997.03.21
Lords of the Boards2xCDGER74321 55190 2 1997.00.00
Best AlternativeCDGER553 378-21997.00.00
Risk Records Music Sampler 1997
Buy Product 2: Brief EncountersCDUSDGCD-249631996.06.18
Beat Girl [Bootleg]CDUSTVR0051996.04.29
I Dig You [1 Track] [Promo] [#2]CDUSPRO-CD-48401996.03.26
I Dig You [1 Track] [Promo] [#1]CDUSPRO-CD-48351996.03.26
I Dig You [4 TRACK] [Promo]CDUSPRO-CD-48721996.03.25
I Dig YouCDAUSGEFDM-220981996.03.25
I Dig You12"UKGFST 220981996.03.25
I Dig YouCDUKGFSTD 220981996.03.25
I Dig You
CDEUGED 220981996.03.00
I Dig YouVHSUSn/a1996.03.00
Boss HogCDAUSDGCD 248111996.03.00
Boss Hog2xCDAUSDGCD 24811 / DGCD24811Z 24811Z1996.03.00
Screwed: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackLPUSAMREP 043-11996.01.30
Screwed: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Promo]CDUS-1996.01.30
Screwed: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Promo] [#2]CDUSAmRep P-043-21996.01.30
Screwed: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCDUSAMREP 043-21996.01.30
Screwed: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCASUSAmRep 043-41996.01.30
Screwed: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
CDGERARRCD 67/0101996.00.00
Disc Jockey New Music SamplerCDUSRJAD-9011996.00.00
Screwed: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP, GERMANY)LPGERARR 67/0101995.00.00
Screwed: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Promo]CASUS-1996.01.30
De Mix Vol. 1CDBELCD MIX 1 / MIX CD 01961996.01.24
Play MCA Ausgabe 1/96CDGERMCD 709001996.01.00
MMA Music Publishing Sampler 19962xCDUS-1996.00.00
Swag: Volume 1CDCANMW-10011996.00.00
Swag American Style [Promo]CDUSPRO-CD-48501996.00.00
Voll Auf Die OhrenCASGERMCC 709171996.00.00
Warped Tour '96CDUS-1996.00.00
Next 006CDUS0061996.00.00
Winn Coma CDAUSGEFDM-221521996.00.00
USA TodayCASUK-1995.11.18
Boss Hog2xCDUSDGCD 24811 /
DGCD 24811Z
Boss HogCDUSDGCD-248111995.10.10
Boss Hog [Promo] CDUSDGCD-A-248111995.10.10
Boss Hog [#2]CDUKGED-248111995.10.10
Boss Hog [#1]CDUKGED-248111995.10.10
Boss Hog LPUSDGC 248111995.09.26
Boss Hog [Promo] [#2] CDUSDGCD-24811DJ1995.10.10
Boss Hog [Promo]CASUSDGCC-248111995.10.10
Boss HogCASUSDGCC-248111995.10.10
Boss HogCASEUGEC 248111995.10.00
Boss Hog [Promo]CASEUGED 248111995.10.00
Boss Hog [Promo]CASGERn/a1995.10.00
Boss Hog [Promo] [#2]CASUSPRO-C-47851995.10.10
Boss Hog [Promo]CASFRn/a1995.10.00
Ski Bunny [Promo]CDUS-1995.10.00
Porn Vol. 47"USScale 791995.10.00
Boss HogCASJPMVCG-1871995.09.27
Boss HogCDJPMVCG-1871995.09.27
Camelot Music SamplerCDUS-1995.09.00
Play MCA Ausgabe 5/95 [Promo]CDGERMCD 336831995.05.00
Tank Tracks OneCDITGPTG000011995.09.00
Girl+ [Plastic Case]CDJPTFCK-887431995.06.01
Girl+ [DigiPak]CDJPTFCK-887431995.06.01
Girl Positive [Promo] CASJPTFCK-887431995.06.01
Dope, Guns and Destroying Your Video...VHSUKATV291995.02.27
Rah Rah Sis Boom SwagCDUSPRO-CD-47791995.00.00
Play MCA November/Dezember Ausgabe 6/95CDGERMCD 336931995.00.00
Hustler / Commercials [Promo] VHSUSn/a1995.00.00
S&M 002LPUKS&M0021994.00.00
Amphetamine Reptile Records: Killer NoisesCDJPTFCK-886811994.00.00
CMJ New Music Sampler July 1993 Certain Damage #1CDUS-1993.07.00
Amphetamine Reptile Records 1993 SamplerCDUSAMREP 0991993.06.00
Amphetamine Reptile Records 1993 SamplerCDGERARRCD 42/279 / EFA 08279-21993.06.00
Amphetamine Reptile Records 1993 SamplerCDEUARRCD 42/279 / EFA 08279-21993.06.00
Girl+CDUSAMREP 0171993.05.24
Girl+10"USAMREP 0171993.05.24
Girl+ [Test Pressing]10"USAMREP 0171993.05.24
Girl+CASUSAMREP 0171993.05.24
Girl+CDEUARRCD 41/278 / EFA CD 08278-09 1993.05.00
Noise Forever CASPOLARR MC0011993.00.00
Live [Bootleg]
Rocktoberfest 1992CASUSn/a1992.10.00
Dope-Guns-'n-Fucking In The Streets Volumes 4 - 7LPUSAMREP 0081992.03.00
Dope-Guns-'n-Fucking In The Streets Volumes. 4 - 7CDUSAmRep 0081992.03.00
Dope-Guns-'n-Fucking In The Streets Volumes 4 - 7LPGERAMREP 008 / ARR27 / 1811992.03.00
Dope-Guns-'N-Fucking In The Streets 4 - 7 [Test Pressing]
LPGERARR27 / 1811992.03.00
Dope-Guns-'n-Fucking In The Streets Volumes 4 - 7CDGER-1992.03.00
Smells Like Smoked Sausages2x7"USSP1401992.02.01
Dope, Guns & Fucking Up Your Video Deck...VHSUSATV221992.00.00
Action Box [Maroon/Black] 2x7"USScale 391991.06.00
Action Box [Black/Maroon] 2x7"USScale 391991.06.00
Action Box [Black]2x7"GERARR 21/1671991.06.00
Black Throat / Not Guilty7"USNR-187961991.06.00
Ugly American OverkillLPGEREFA LP 08140-02 / AR 17/1401991.03.00
Ugly American OverkillCDGEREFA CD 08140-02 / ARRCD 17/1401991.00.00
Cold HandsCDUSARR 89192-21990.11.16
Cold Hands CD GERAARCD 16/127 / EFA CD 08127-261990.12.02
Cold Hands [Test Pressing] LPGERAAR 16/127 1990.12.02
Cold Hands LPGERAAR 16/127 / EFA 08127-081990.12.02
Cold Hands [Test Pressing]LPUSAAR 89192-11990.11.16
Cold HandsLPUSARR 89192-11990.11.16
Cold HandsCASUSARR 89192-41990.11.16
Dope-Guns-'n-Fucking In The Streets Volume 4 7"USSCALE 231990.03.00
Dope-Guns-'n-Fucking In The Streets Volume 4 [Red]7"USSCALE 23 1990.03.00
CrunchouseCD GERGRCD84 / EFA CD 05584-0101990.03.00
CrunchouseLPGERGR 0084 / EFA LP 05584-021990.03.00
Dope, Guns & Fucking Up Your Video Deck...VHSUS-1990.00.00
Good Beer / Tasty SandwichesCASUS-1989.FALL
Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin'CASUSARR 89176-41989.06.00
Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin'LPUSARR 89176-11989.06.00
Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin'LPGERARR 6/681989.06.00
Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin' [Test Pressing] LPGERARR 6/681989.06.00