Boss Hog – Olympic Village, Sydney, Australia (October 2000)

Boss Hog set at the Olympic Village, Sydney, Australia in October 2000. Looking To Get Weird in New Zealand (14 October 2000):

“For Boss Hog’s Cristina Martinez, it was like a scene out of a David Lynch movie – playing to dignitaries and athletes at Sydney’s Olympic village during the band’s just-completed Australian tour.

The noisy New York alt-rockers are hardly in the mainstream league of Midnight Oil, INXS or Kylie Minogue, who did their bit for the closing ceremony.

Adding to the oddity of their Olympics concert is the fact that for Martinez, “sport doesn’t really do it for me – it was like playing a church social, it was like a David Lynch thing.” As for the identities of the dignitaries – “Who knows?”

And Martinez would also have played her brand of fuzz-drenched primal rock’n’roll beside the Olympic pool while synchronised swimmers provided a sideshow.

“I really like the synchronised swimming,” she says. “It’s bizarre.”

Synchronised swimming appeals to her New York artistic sensibility – take something as natural and humdrum as swimming and then muck it up.”