Boss Hog – Whiteout [Enhanced Part] [Promo] (CD, FRANCE)

February 2000 Virgin / Labels / City Slang
Whiteout (Video)
Boss Hog - Whiteout [Enhanced Part] [Promo] (CD, FRANCE)
French promo CD with printed paper insert in PVC sleeve featuring only the Enhanced section as featured on the European releases of this album.

The enhanced section includes a screensaver, video, gallery, biography and a game with four separate sections which, once completed, allow access to previously unreleased track Lobito as an MP3. See below for full details and answers.

In France the audio part was also issued as a separate disc also with printed insert and there was also a promo in card sleeve with finished artwork.

In The Red issued a black and white vinyl edition of this album all of which use a different cover image to the UK edition.

The UK and Japan editions featured an alternate track listing including Defender and Count Me Out which were both released as the Defender / Old School 7″ single in the US by In The Red.

Whiteout, Get It While You Wait and Itchy & Scratchy were also released as singles.

Itchy + Scratchy was used in a Levi’s advert and was issued on the following Levi’s-themed releases: Levi’s Music compilation, Engineered Jeans five track promo and a split promo CD with Clinic.

EN.1 Whiteout (Video)
Produced/Mixed: Tore Johansson for Tambourine Productions
Recording Engineered: Bil Emmons
Recorded at Magic Shop, NYC.
Mixed at Tambourine Studios, Malmo, Sweden
Assistant Engineer for the Recording: Reto Peter
Mastered: Staffan Olofsson at CD-Plant Mastering. Malmo, Sweden

EN.2 Lobito (MP3)
[details unknown]
It’s a rough demo so the credits are probably:
Writers: Boss Hog
Produced: Boss Hog

BOSS HOG GAME (from Enhanced Section):

Consists of a map with locations which you need to visit in order to complete the four separate games (as detailed below). Once completed it is possible to download an MP3 of previously unreleased track ‘Lobito’:

Placing Boss Hog releases in the correct order.
[Which is as follows:
Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’ (LP, US),
Action Box (2×7″, US),
Cold Hands,
Smells Like Smoked Sausages (2×7″, US),
Girl +,
Boss Hog,
Porn (7″, US)

Following a sequence of noises/colours for 11 beats.
[This particular game is probably more difficult than it was meant to be as the colours/sounds flash-up too quickly to actually see them on screen (possibly due to computers being much faster nowadays). Although there are a few different variations after several attempts the sequence was: Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Green, Blue, Blue, Green, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.]

Dodging furniture being thrown out of a window whilst attempting to catch the cassette.
[Can’t really help-out much here, just use the left and right keys to move, it’s easy]


Q. Which member has a stage name?
A. Hollis Queens

Q. Which Member was not born in the USA?
A. Jens Jurgensen

Q. Jon and Cristina recorded with who as Spider Baby?
A. Steve Albini

Q. Which other short lived Boss Hog member was also in the band Unsane?
A. Pete Shore

Q. Who is the youngest member of Boss Hog?
A. Mark Boyce

Q. Which member studied Avant garde film with Stanley Brackage?
A. Cristina Matinez

Q. Jon & Cristina played together in what other band?
A. Gibson Bros.

Q. Which Member does not have a drivers license?
A. Jens Jurgensen

Q. Which member of the band is a vegan?
A. Jens Jurgensen

Q. What other band was the original Boss Hog drummer Charlie Ondras in?
A. Unsane

Q. What producer on the new record has worked with the band before?
A. J. G. Thirwell

Q. Which two members appear in the Sonic Youth ‘Dirty Boots’ video?
A. Jens Jugernsen & Hollis Queens

Q. What inspired Boss Hog to name a release Action Box?
A. A sexual aid kit

“Once upon a time
in a small quaint town
called the District of Columbia
a young disillusion rebel girl met a
young disillusioned rebel boy
he was new in town
she had been around town, twice
they hit
they fell
they decided to leave together.
find some action
only one city in the world big enough
for the both
of them
New York City

Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer met on the feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1985 at a Jesus & Mary Chain show at the original 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.. Jon had just arrived, a wayward Brown University dropout looking for a way out. But D.C. was no match for Pussy Galore, his now legendary, seminal punk band. Having had their fill of the nations capitol, deeming it “a dead end” and a loser town”, they decided to relocate to New York.

bad seeds to the to the rotten apple
the boy had a band
the girl took pictures, went to film school and bitched a lot
couple of years passed

Cristina was to attend the New York University Summer Film program but dropped out to fill in as 3rd guitarist for Pussy Galore until it became apparent that she was too bossy. She had to start her own band.

in 1989 they did the inevitable
started a punk rock band with various degenerate friends
[enter Boss Hog]

Boss Hog formerly started in 1989 as a last minute fill in for a cancelled group at New York’s famed CBGB’s. Cristina assembled a group of rag-tag players to form the original all star line-up of Boss Hog. It included members of Pussy Galore, the Honeymoon Killers and Unsane.

constantly rotating cast of misunderstood misfits
very angry, very volatile
the perfect medium to express their sense
of humour, their love of music
they made records as testament to their experience
on numerous labels, the details

This line up managed to record their 1989 debut “Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin” EP well as their full-length debut “Cold Hands” in 1990.

Both records were well received due in part to the line-up as well as their now legendary eye-catching artwork. This initial line-up of Boss Hog was soon to be fractured due to constant bickering which, on occasion, spilled over into violence. Cristina and Jon searched for new victims.

Eventually they found permanent partners in crime.

German art student Jens Jurgensen [bass] and Lower East Side scenester Hollis Queens [drums] joined the fold. In 1993, the recorded ‘Girl +’ CD which brought them wide critical acclaim and showed remarkable musical growth. Two years later they recorded Boss Hog on DGC records and began to get the international attention they so deserved.

they made this new record, Whiteout with Andy Gill [performer, producer/Gang of Four, Bis], Tore Johansson [producer/Cardigans], J.H. Thirwell [performer, producer/Foetus, Wiseblood, The The], Jim Sclavunous [performer, producer/Bad Seeds, Gunga Din] lots of details, point is, they still play together, pretty damn well, they still get off on it, you should see it, maybe, if they did their job right you can hear it.”



MATRIX: [unknown]

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