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Rare Trax Vol. 42: Girls... (CD, GER) Rare Trax Vol. 42: Girls, Girrls, Girrrls – Female Fronted… CD GER 11/05 2005.11.00
Grand Royal: Mixed Drink No. 3 CD JP TOCP-65931 2001.12.06
Grand Royal: Put The Needle On The Record CD JP TOCP-65094 1999.01.00
Grand Royal: A Sampling (CD, US) Grand Royal: A Sampling – Where You’re Going… CD US GR054 1998.00.00
Grand Royal: A Sampler in Paris (CD, FRANCE) Grand Royal: A Sampler in Paris – Where You’re Going… CD FR 7243 8 45271 2 9 1997.00.00
Rock Dimenson CD JP TOCP-50273 1997.08.27
Grand Royal - Man's Best Friend (CD, US) Grand Royal – Man’s Best Friend CD US SXSW97 1997.03.00
Virtually Alternative: January 97 2xCD US VA-76 1997.01.00
Rock Sound Sampler Volume 15 CD FR RSCD0015 1997.00.00
XL Songs: A Compilation CD CD US 0312-31410-7A2 1996.00.00
Dr. Martens: The Capitol Records Sampler CD US DPRO 7087 6 11279 2 8 1996.00.00
Otoño 96 (CD, SPAIN) Otoño 96 CD SP n/a 1996.00.00
A Sampling of our Prestigious Pedigree (CD, US) A Sampling of our Prestigious Pedigree CD US GR-PRO-3 1996.00.00

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