Butter 08 – Press

Rockdelux: Grand Royal: A Sampling – Where You’re Going… [Review] (PRESS, SPAIN) 
'Butter' Review: VOX (MAGAZINE, UK) VOX: Butter [Review] (PRESS, UK) 
SCAN / TEXT: “Butter is a baffling scree of lounge hip-hop, nuclear age TV themes, punk attitude and filthy rock ‘n’ roll, One minute they’re barreling through the crazed spy-theme samba of ‘Dick-Serious’ (complete with Dragnet-style sample)”
Select: Butter [REVIEW] (PRESS, UK) Select: Butter [Review] (PRESS, UK)
TEXT (Very Short Mention): “What It Sounds Like: Incredibly bass-heavy ur-rock with all the weight of the funk, but none of the sex.”

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