Dub Narcotic Sound System – Ridin Shotgun (CD, JAPAN)

1996 K Records / Rebel Beat Factory KLP039/50 / RBFK-2009
01. Industrial Breakdown
02. The Beat From 20000 Fathoms
03. Typecast Sanction
04. Run Silent Run Deep
05. (Industrial) Revolution Inclusion
06. Ridin Shotgun
07. Int Harvester
08. Harvester Traveler
09. Half Life
10. Isotoal Reg
11. Ridin Shotgun (Remix)
<Dub Narcotic Sound System - Ridin Shotgun (CD, JAPAN) - Cover
Japanese CD release of Dub Narcotic Sound System EPs Ridin Shotgun and Industrial Breakdown featuring featuring Typecast Sanction, a variation on the new segment Dub Narcotic added to its remix of the Blues Explosion’s Soul Typecast (originally released by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on the 1993 album Extra Width with the Dub Narcotic Sound System version appearing on Experimental Remixes in 1995).

“More organically funky than many Dub Narcotic releases, the five-track Industrial Breakdown EP is a good starting point for new listeners, nicely summarizing the group’s M.O. — the title track sports a great chicken-scratch guitar lead and a pulsating bassline, while “Typecast Sanction” (inspired by their earlier remix of Jon Spencer’s “Soul Typecast”) spotlights Calvin Johnson’s increasing fascination with studio trickery.” – trouserpress.com

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion recorded a cover version of Fuck Shit Up by Dub Narcotic Sound System for the album Now I Got Worry and both bands would collaborate for the album Sideways Soul.

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