The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Extra Width (CD, JAPAN)

26 April 1995 Toy’s Factory TFCK-88740
01. Afro
02. History of Lies
03. Back Slider
04. Soul Letter
05. Soul Typecast
06. Pant Leg
07. Hey Mom
08. Big Road
09. Train #2
10. Inside the World of the Blues Explosion
11. World of Sex
12. Beat of The Traps
13. Memphis Soul Typecast
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Extra Width (CD, JAPAN) - Cover
Japanese issue in regular CD case with obi-strip, insert featuring biography (Japanese) and lyrics (English and Japanese). This edition includes Beat of The Traps and Memphis Soul Typecast both taken from Mo’ Width.

The insert features a photo of the band which was also used on the cover of the bootleg release; Vpro Session: Sept ’94.

Afro was released as a 7″ only single. The 2000 reissue (Mute) included tracks from the album Mo’ Width and in 2010 Shout! Factory released a double CD 46-track edition featuring Mo’ Width, numerous b-sides/rare tracks, seven live songs and an additional five previously unreleased studio recordings including an AC/DC cover and an alternate version of Brenda.

Songs (1 – 11) by Spencer/Explosion. Copyright Control
1993 c p jon spencer / blues explosion
Recorded: Memphis at Easley Recording, Nov 23-24 ’92 and in NYC at Waterworks Recording, Jul 30 and Dec 3 ’92.
Mixed: Waterworks, Jan ’93.
Engineered: Doug Easley and Davis McCain (Memphis) and Jim Waters (NYC).
Produced by Jon Spencer.

12. Beat of The Traps
Writer: Dorothy Schneider
Recorded in Memphis and New York City, 1992.
Mixed at Waterworks, NYC with Jim Waters 1992-93.
Produced: Jon Spencer.

13. Memphis Soul Typecast
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Laughing: Christina
Organ: Doug Easley
Recorded in Memphis and New York City, 1992.
Mixed at Waterworks, NYC with Jim Waters 1992-93.
Produced: Jon Spencer.

“spencer and co came out and rocked hard from the get-go. the explosion was tight-they made a hell of a noise for a three piece. bass would have done nothing but get in the way. these guys were smokin’-white-hot-tuned to the same primal source…spencer was the man, the focus, conducting the band with his free arm between bursts and flurries of guitar, judah was the young savage-hands all blurred, possessor of his own six-string style. russell simins dwarfed his kit as he pounded the skins furiously…
they were right on the money, seemingly acting upon some innate urge over which they had no control. the blues explosion stomped on everyone’s ass, rocking shit down to its core again and agian and just when i thought that it couldn’t get any crazier, any more out of control, spencer would lean back and magically activate his feedback device which screamed like some souped-up vacuum cleaner. they rocked with that thing howlin’ away for another spat, further expanding the sonic threshold. crazy.
…the explosion celebrated life with rock ‘n’ roll spirit raging inside their souls.

herb hitts
bad vibe magazine”

“thanks to peter arsenault, boche billions, cristina, jeff evans larry hardy, robert gordon, jenna, the jesus lizard, cheryl payne, ken pope and tim warren.”

Photos: R. Kern.

COVER BOOKLET: Cover and Sleeve Notes (as detailed above)

OBI: Titles, Price, Barcode, TFCK-88740, Stereo and adverts for ‘Boss Hog – Girl + (CD, JAPAN)’ and ‘Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Orange (CD, JAPAN)’.

INSERT: Biography (in Japanese), Lyrics (English and Japanese) and Photo by Alison Smith.

DISC: “TFCK-88740 STEREO 1995 JASRAC. ©(p) 1993 Jon Spencer/Blues Explosion. All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed. All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized public performance and broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited. Made by Toy’s Factory. In Japan. Extra Width, Blues Explosion [Compact Disc and Toy’s Factory logos] (88740).”

REAR: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Judah Bauer, Russell Simins, Jon Spencer
Extra Width
[Tracklisting, Song Credits, ‘Thanks’ list (all as detailed above)]
©(p) 1993 Jon Spencer/Blues Explosion
95.4.26 93.5.24 TFCK-88740
[Toy’s Factory and Compact Disc logos]
Manufactured by Toy’s Factory, Tokyo, Japan. 1995. Stereo
Licensed from Jon Spencer through Jade Music co., Ltd.

Photos: R. Kern/Alison Smith

BARCODE: 4 988061 887401

MATRIX: “TFCK-88740 3M1 C 78 Y Z 82 4 8 IFPI L223”

MATRIX (alternate): “TFCK-88740 6MM1 C 85 IFPI L230”