The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Magnet: Acme Releases (PRESS, US)

August / September 1999 Magnet
Magnet magazine article on The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Acme releases.
“Jon Spencer Blues Explosion really takes its collector fans seriously. While Matador is planning to release some of this material domestically in September, collectors will have already snatched up the following: First, the Japanese edition of Acme (Toy’s Factory) included two bonus tracks, “Hell” and “Calvin (Remix).” Then, the single for “Talk About The Blues” (Mute UK) contained the Acme album version and a Saints And Sinners remix, plus “Lovin’ Machine (Automator Remix),” “Calvin (Zebra Ranch Remix)” and an enhanced portion featuring the video for “Talk About The Blues.” The fold-out sleeve additionally contains a perforated sheet of Blues Explosion stickers. (A certain local dancer reportedly employs ’em to hide her nipples, per local ordinance, when she performs. Ingenious and hip.) The Acme sessions apparently yielded close to a second albums worht of material, with tunes summarily handed out for studio tinkering folks like the Automator, Moby, David Holmes, Alec Empire, Calvin Johnson and Jim Waters; these can be had on a pair of Japanese items (issued by Toy’s Factory). Confusingly, Extra-Acme is a CD, while Ura-Acme is a vinyl LP. Yes, despite some quasi-overlap (“Bacon” is on the former as a Nick Sansano mix, on the latter as a Chris Shaw mix; “Talk About The Blues” is a demo version on the LP, the Saints And Sinners mix on the CD), completists will need both editions as each contains five tracks not appearing on the other. Plus these tunes are in no way half-baked outtakes or weak-kneed remixes. In fact, the droid funk of “Wait A Minute” is easily as swank as anything on Acme. Pinch your tits at your good fortune and shout it out loud: Blues Explosion!”