Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Melody Maker: Sex Marks The Spot (PRESS, UK)

21 December 1996 Melody Maker No. 196
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Melody Maker: Sex Marks The Spot (PRESS, UK)
Article from the Christmas 1996 issue of Melody Maker, features The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in an article titled ‘Sex Marks The Spot’.

Melody Maker ran a similar article in May 1997 titled “The Sex-Philes” which can also be read on this site.

“In a year when even the Manics forsook their fake fur and eye-liner and went casual, a handful of bands were present to counter the creeping tyranny of trainer culture and sneer at the concept of “comfortable” clothing – basically an excuse for lazy, lard-arsed blokes to disguise their ever-expanding beer guts with laughably large trousers and tent-like T-shirts. As Brylcreemed and besuited men who were neither fags nor fops thrust out sharply-planed hip bones and swung into seriously sexy guitar action, howls of appreciation could be heard from grateful women across the land. Time for the boys to move aside and make room for the men – SEXMUSIK had arrived.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion were the chief exponents of this new cool, marked in their case by an acre of New York attitude bordering on the bad-tempered, a fondness for tiny fitted shirts and the most outrageously libidinous, funky, f***ed-up take on the blues ever to have erupted out of two battered guitars and a drum kit. In October, they released their own album, “Now I Got Worry”, a triumphantly nasty masterpiece of ferocious new-blues mayhem which featured an inspired cover of Dub Narcotic’s “F*** Shit Up”. ”