The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Garage, London, UK (12 February 1994)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion show at The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London, UK with Done Lying Down and Linus on 12 February 1994.

“These great balls of psychotronic, swamp-dripping euphoria reclaim the blues from every lily-livered skunk that ever picked up a geetar and then spiral their own journey through the history of rock. Each bark, each snarled, brutal chord is like a little death or a soul murder, depending on your politics…

…The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are almost better than four hours of unbridled passion on a feedbacking Marshall amp with the leather-kekked man-angel of your choice. On second thoughts, forget the almost.” – Sarra Manning, Melody Maker (26 February 1994)

“…at the end of damn near every song, Spencer barks “BLUES EXPLOSION” as if he’s having he best and dirtiest fun ever. Which, quite clearly, he is. Like, totally F—ING Intense.” – John Mulvey, NME (February 1994)

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Melody Maker Review: Sarra Manning
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NME Review: John Mulvey
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