Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Uncut: Extra Width [2010] [Review] (PRESS, UK)

28 November 2010 Uncut
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Uncut: Extra Width [2010] [Review] (PRESS, UK)
Review of the Shove! Records release of Extra Width reissue in the January 2011 issue of Uncut Magazine (first available 28 November 2010).
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (R 1993)
Extra Width
Post-modern testifying!
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion come hollering out of New York in 1991 like the John The Baptists of the garage rock revival and have been dishing up frantic, dirty, soulful and sweaty rock’n’roll ever since. Spencer had form with Pussy Galore, but with Judah Bauer (Guitar) and Russell Simins (Drums) managed to win friends without pulling punches.

Bassless, earnest, witty and fierce, the Blues Explosion mashed blues, rock, soul and punk on this 1993 breakthrough. It was a coruscating fix that demaned to be taken seriously, despite self-referential lyrics (“Inside The World of The Blues Explosion”), Little Richard yelps (everything) and the sort of strutting licentiousness not heard since Mick Jagger was tackling disco. Along with the rest of the back catalogue (everythingup to 1998’s ACME so far), this reissue has been repackaged and remastered, and comes with a second CD of bonus tracks.
Peter Watts”