Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Vox: Wail [Review] (PRESS, US)

June 1997 Vox 06/97
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Vox: Wail [Review] (PRESS, US)
UK magazine Vox featuring the comedian Harry Hill guest reviewing that months singles including Wail by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

The review incorrectly gives the title as “WALL”.

JSBX Photo: Jon Shard
Photo Caption: “Jon Spencer ‘Elvis’ Explosion”

appears on the album Now I Got Worry and was issued as a one track promo CD in the US and was released as a single in the UK on [GREY] 7″, [GREEN] 7” and CD.

“Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Rasping, country-tinged guitar pop with Spencer’s voice sounding even more Elvis-like than usual. Harry displays slightly more attention than has become the norm.

Harry: He’s imitating The King! You can’t do that. There’s only one Elvis (displays his Elvis belt buckle proudly). The guy who’s singing – he sounds like one of those Chinese waiters who do Elvis impersonations between second course and dessert. I like, though. It’s got a lot of energy, but I’d still rather play an Elvis original. You can’t beat the real thing, can you, eh? I should know, I’m in a three-man Beatles tribute band.”
JSBE’s single, ‘Wail’, is out now on Mute ”

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