Lyrics > Cobra Killer – Vitamine

Writers: Cobra Killer & Adam Eve
Lyrics: Cobra Killer
Published: Maobeat
From: Cobra Killer – Uppers and Downers [Promo] (CD, US)
Source: Cobra Killer – Uppers and Downers (LP, EUROPE)
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The Universe Is In The Oven
Short cut made my dream end about cable and racoon
My deam was early in the morning till the afternoon
One pole betrays the other, melted electricity, ions are permantently searching inside the battery

First I couldn’t start it then I found the plug
Next to my heart I’m always storing my only stash of luck
All I had to do was reaching out my arm but it kept disappearing to the highest start of harm
Reasons telling:
My vitamine which I had seen gave me that dream of my machine