Lyrics > Little Barrie – Love You

Little Barrie – Stand Your Ground (CD, JAPAN)
Writers: Barrie Cadogan/Lewis Wharton
Published: Copyright Control
From: Little Barrie – Stand Your Ground (CD, JAPAN)
Source: Little Barrie – Stand Your Ground (CD, JAPAN)
Bailing Out
Cash In
Green Eyed Fool
If I Don't Have To Answer
Just Wanna Play
Love You
Pay To Join
Pin That Badge
Pretty Pictures
Why Don't You Do It
Yeah We Know You
Hands off baby don’t you dare go dial
It’s a sure fire way to put my soul on trial
Won’t you barricade me to your one door town
They’ll be hell no way I’m gonna turn that down
Memory recalling that this firm don’t understand
But I can’t draw no breath until I got you by the hand

Because I love you
Love you
Love you
Oh yeah I love you

Shirts and ties
It’s suicide
Gonna be no hassle if you keep it quiet
Like a goalmouth scramble for someplace to hide
And that red stripe noose is getting more my size
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Voluntary mover go hook that turn back down the road
You’ll be solitary ’till you get exactly what you want

Sure as hell no souvenir for knowing just what you missed
One of these days I’m losing here and still
Wonder who you’re with