Lyrics > Little Barrie – Yeah We Know You

Little Barrie – Stand Your Ground (CD, JAPAN)
Writers: Barrie Cadogan/Lewis Wharton
Published: Copyright Control
From: Little Barrie – Stand Your Ground (CD, JAPAN)
Source: Little Barrie – Stand Your Ground (CD, JAPAN)
Bailing Out
Cash In
Green Eyed Fool
If I Don't Have To Answer
Just Wanna Play
Love You
Pay To Join
Pin That Badge
Pretty Pictures
Why Don't You Do It
Yeah We Know You
The morning paper flies
Too quick to catch your eyes
From nineteen stories high
Of tiny little lives
The moped kids are out
Too old to walk about
Throw coins against the wall
Let’s see how short they fall

Do we know you?
Yeah, we know you

The days of hearts and flowers
Decayed by working hours
And the chord that struck the vein
You just had to pluck again, But pish don’t come to shove
For winter hats and gloves
And you can’t have the one you love
If you only met ’em once