The Bobby Lees – [Forthcoming Album] (LP, US)

*Forthcoming release all details unconfirmed*

The Bobby Lees forthomcing album produced by Jon Spencer.

28 March 2019: “we’re very excited to announce that #jonspencer of the jon spencer blues explosion will be producing our upcoming record! we feel so grateful to be able to work with such a legendary artist on our music and share with you all what we create! we’re one week away from the end of our record fund and link is in our bio to donate! anything you can give would be a big help 🖤 we can’t wait to get recording! #thebobbylees #punk” –

21 April 2019: “Picture by producer jon #jonspencer” –

23 April 2019: “we spent the past week in the studio for 10+ hours a day. we were able to push ourselves creatively and see how much we’ve grown as a group and as our own musicians over the past year, and we did it all under the guidance of an outstanding mentor! watching #jonspencer bring our music to life was such a cool thing to witness, we feel so grateful to have had the time to work with him and learn from him. special thanks to @dreamlandrecordingstudio and @analogthunder for being our engineer, as well as everyone who donated to our fund and has continued to support us 🖤 we can’t wait for you to hear what we created! #thebobbylees”

17 August 2019: The music video for Guttermilk posted online.

6 September 2019: Guttermilk cassette released announced for 25 October 2019.

ARTWORK: [unknown]

BARCODE: [unknown]


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