The Bobby Lees – Guttermilk (CASSETTE, US)

12 October 2019 Tape Head City THC-007
A1. Guttermilk
A2. Hives (Live)

B1. Devil (Live)
B2. Radiator / Blank Generation (Live)

The Bobby Lees – Guttermilk cassette from the album ‘Skin Suit‘ produced by Jon Spencer.

Released in an edition of 100 copies with pink shell on Cassette Store Day 2019 although the release show was at BSP Kingston, New York on 25 October 2019.


“Tapehead City Release #7

We are super excited to release another Bobby Lees tape. Following up their debut release “beauty pageant” This Maxi-single features their new single “Guttermilk” (produced by Jon Spencer) plus 3 unreleased live tracks Including a cover of “Blank Generation” by Richard Hell and the Voidoids. Kickass female fronted bluesy punk from Woodstock, NY. [Pink shell / 100 pressed]”

“When you can claim that your album was produced by Jon Spencer, you’re going to get my attention. The latest single from Woodstock, NY’s The Bobby Lees definitely has some serious Jon Spencer vibes to it, but The Bobby Lees have their own sound. “Coin” is dirty blues punk that is dripping with attitude. It brings this intensity that is missing in a lot of music today, but it also has this slinky groove throughout. At times it can’t quite tell if it’s a punk song, a more traditional blues jam, or noise rock, and that just might be the brilliance of The Bobby Lees.” – If It’s Too Loud

“Their raw and unapologetic energy promises to make you feel alive.” Listen to them and see for yourself.” – Audiotex UK

“We have seen the future of rock and it begins anew with The Bobby Lees…

…The band’s delivery is visceral in every aspect of the word and the young bone-shaking Garage Rock band hails out of Woodstock, NY.” – Ghettoblaster Magazine

The Bobby Lees online:

Vocals / Guitar: Sam Quartin
Bass: Kendall Wind
Drums: Macky Bowman
Guitar: Nick Casa

A1. Guttermilk
Produced: Jon Spencer
Recorded / Mixed: Jon Spencer and Ariel Shafir at Dreamland, Woodstock, NY

A2. Hives (Live)
B1. Devil (Live)
B2. Radiator / Blank Generation (Live)
Recorded by Back From Nothing

ARTWORK: [no details]