The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy (19 November 1998)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion show at Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy with Andre Williams on 19 November 1998.

Photos: Francesco Carloni

Piece of trivia regarding this show from the Fuck website:

“Dario Argento November 19, 1998.
Italian horror film director. While in Milan fuck were invited to the Jon Spencer
Blues Explosion show which doubled, surprisingly, as a party for the premier of
Argento’s new flick. fuck, The Blues Explosion and the director were roped off in
a small corner of the theater where they were gawked at by eager Italian fans.”

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion recorded two songs for the album Andre Williams is The Black Godfather and Williams sang lead vocals on the song Lapdance (released on Lapdance 12″ / Acme Plus / Xtra Acme USA).

Jon Spencer appears on and is credited as ‘Musical Director’ of the Andre Williams & The Sadies album Night & Day.