The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Palace, Los Angeles, CA, US (23 October 1998)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion show at The Palace, Los Angeles, CA, US on 23 October 1998.

This show was a mentioned in a “A Night Like Any Other” by Irwin Smirnoff published in The Other Side (February 1999).

“…by the time we made it to the entrance I could hear the sweat of the Blues Explosion, and I started to get really excited and anxious to see Jon Spencer and black out Los Angeles. In a few minutes I knew I was going to be seeing a band whose records I’d listened to so many times as I locked my door, jumped up and down in my room as I sang along into the marker I held in my hand. I could feel the goose umps start to grace my arms, I could feel butterflies in my stomach, the good kind. This is so much of what I lived for. What else is there to care about besides music and art in a world where you’re not supposed to care about anything. What else is there but screams of passion and energy in a world where art is ridiculed and people are trained to love Titanic and read the USA today.” – Irwin Swirnoff

The Other Side full issue:

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