V/A feat. Butter 08 – Daria [#1.03] (TV, US)

17 March 1997 MTV 1.03
Butter 08 – Butter of 69

Daria – College Bored (Series 1. Episode 3) includes the Butter 08 Butter of 69 from the Butter album.

04. Butter 08 – Butter of 69
[Credits taken from Butter [2008] (CD, US)]
Vocals/Piano/Organ/Drums: Miho Hatori
Farfisa/Hammond B3/Juno 60/Piano/DJ-70/Guitars/Bkgrnd Vocals: Yuka Honda
Guitar/Bass/Percussion/Samples: Rick Lee
Bass Guitar/Bkgrnd Vocals: Mike Mills
Drums/Vocals/Guitar/Bass: Russell Simins
Produced: Russell Simins, Jamey Straub and Yuka Honda.
Recorded/Mixed with Jamey Staub at GREENE STREET RECORDING
Mastered: Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk