V/A feat. Blues Explosion – 4th Quarter Video Reel [Promo] (DVD, US)

October 2004 Sanctuary n/a
01. Blues Explosion – Burn It Off
02. Blues Explosion – Hot Gossip

03. Tegan & Sara – Walking With A Ghost
04. Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now
05. Soledad Brothers – Handle Song
06. Morrissey – First of the Gang to Die
07. Morrissey – Irish Blood English Heart
08. De La Soul – Shopping Bags
09. New York Dolls – Puss In Boots
10. Bob Marley – Get Up, Stand Up
11. Megadeth – Die Dead Enough
12. Delays – Nearer Than Heaven
V/A feat. Blues Explosion - 4th Quarter Video Reel [Promo] (DVD, US)
Promotional DVD issued by Sanctuary October 2004, issued as a printed DVDR in PVC wallet, featuring the videos for the singles Hot Gossip and Burn It Off from the album Damage.

In November 2004 these two Blues Explosion videos were also available at gigs on a DVD with a newspaper.

Hot Gossip was commercially released as a 7″ single and promotional editions issued as CD [Alt. Cover], CD [2 Track], CD [1 Track] and DVD.

Burn It Off was commercially released as a single on clear vinyl 7″ and CD [3 Tracks] and issued as promotional editions were issued on CD [2 Track], CD [4 Track], Mini DV, VHS and DVD.

Burn It Off had a music video directed by Stylewar, reached number 77 in the UK singles chart and appeared in the feature film Dukes of Hazzard [FILM / SOUNDTRACK].

01. Burn It Off
Writers: Blues Explosion
Published by Dirty Shirt (BMI)
Produced: Steve Jordan
Recorded/Mixed: Don Smith at Globe (Assistant: Miles Levit)
Pro Tools Engineering: Danny Madorsky
Claps/Stomps/Vocals: Steve Jordan
Guitar/Vocals: Judah Bauer
Drums/Vocals: Russell Simins
Vocals/Guitar/Tack Piano/Claps/Stomps: Jon Spencer
Video Produced: Joakim Krommer
Directed: Stylewar

02. Hot Gossip
Writers: Blues Explosion/Carlton Ridenour
Published by Dirty Shirt (BMI)/Terrordome Music Publishing, LLC and administered by Reach Global, Inc.
Produced: Steve Jordan
Recorded: Don Smith at Globe (Assistant: Miles Levit)
Engineered: Don Smith
Mixed: Russell Elevado at Electric Lady (Assistants: Steef Van De Gevel & Ben Kane)
Remixed: Chris Shaw at Stratosphere (Assistant: Rudyard Lee Cullers)
Pro Tools Engineering: Danny Madorsky
Fender Rhodes/Clav: Steve Jordan
Vocals: Chuck D
Guitars: Judah Bauer
Drums: Russell Simins
Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Theremin: Jon Spencer
Video Produced: Lynda Kass
Directed: David Reculglia



MATRIX: [unknown]

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