V/A feat. Boss Hog – Buy Product 2: Brief Encounters (CD, US)

18 June 1996 Geffen DGCD-24963
01. Boss Hog – Winn Coma
02. Skiploader – Synonym
03. Beck – Novacane
04. Loud Lucy – Down Baby
05. Elastica – Blue (Donna’s 4-track demo)
06. Maria McKee – Absolutely Barking Stars
07. Jawbreaker – Chemistry
08. The Sugarplastic – Montebello
09. Garbage – Vow
10. Southern Culture On The Skids
– Red Beans N’ Reverb
11. The Raincoats – Pretty
12. The Posies – Fight It (If You Want)
13. Gillian Welch – Pass You By
14. Sammy – Encyclopedi-ite
15. Remy Zero – Temenos (Here Comes The Shakes)
16. James Hall – Honky Time
17. Aimee Mann – All Over Now
18. Hog – Not Perfect
19. Cowboy Junkies – Speaking Confidentially
20. Sonic Youth – Little Trouble Girl (Instrumental)
Cheap sampler issued by Geffen to promote it’s then current artists and releases. Issued in regular album case with clear tray. Includes Winn Coma by Boss Hog from their 1995 album.

The centre pages of the booklet are actually a post-paid reply card featuring a marketing questionairre.

01. Boss Hog – Winn Coma
Writers: Boss Hog
Published: Boss Hog Publishing Designee
Produced: Jonathan Spencer and Steve Fisk
Reduced: Cristina Matinez
From the DGC LP, Cassette and CD Boss Hog
Run Time: 2:17

02. Skiploader – Synonym
Writers: Skiploader
© 1996 One Hit Wonder Music/Don’t Get In The Ring With Kimo Music ASCAP adm. by WB Music Corp.
Produced/Engineered/Mixed: Tony Lash
From the Geffen Cassette and CD From Can Through String
Run Time: 3:08

03. Beck – Novacane
Writers: Beck Hansen/Simpson/King
Published: Cyanide Breathmint Music/BMG Songs, Inc./Dust Brothers Music ASCAP.
Produced: Beck Hansen/Dust Brothers
Run Time: 4:38

04. Loud Lucy – Down Baby
Writer: Christian Lane
Published: Polygram International Publishing, Inc./Zippy Stardog Music ASCAP
Produced/Mixed: Brad Wood
A Worlds End Production
From the DGC Cassette and CD Breathe
Run Time: 2:30

05. Elastica – Blue (Donna’s 4-track demo)
Writer: Matthews
Published: EMI Music Publishing Ltd. PRS adm. by EMI Blackwood Music Inc. BMI
Original version from the DGC Cassette and CD Elastica
Run Time: 4:43

06. Maria McKee – Absolutely Barking Stars
Writer: Maria MKee
Published: Geffen Again Music/Little Diva Music Co. BMI
Produced: Maria McKee/Bruce Brody/Mark Freegard
From the Geffen Cassette and CD Life Is Sweet
Run Time: 4:23

07. Jawbreaker – Chemistry
Writers: Jawbreaker
Published: Seabiscuit Music BMI
Produced: Rob Cayallo and Jawbreaker
From the DGC LP, Cassette and CD Dear You
Run Time: 3:55

08. The Sugarplastic – Montebello
Writer: Ben Eshbach
Published: Holy Saltmartin Music BMI
Produced: Ben Eshbach
From the DGC Cassette and CD Bang, The Earth Is Round
Run Time: 4:20

09. Garbage – Vow
Writers: Garbage
Published: Bibecrusher Music/Irving Music. Inc. BMI.
Recorded: Garbage
From the Almo Sounds LP, Cassette and CD Garbage
Run Time: 4:30

10. Southern Culture On The Skids – Red Beans N’ Reverb
Writer: R. Miller
Published: Monkey Dog Music BMI.
Produced: Southern Culture On The Skids
From the Geffen Cassette and CD Flirting With Disaster: Music fFrom the Miramax Motion Picture
Their latest DGC album is Dirt Track Date
Run Time: 2:30

11. The Raincoats – Pretty
Writer: Gina Birch
Published: Gina Birch Publishing Designee
Produced/Mixed: Ed Buller for 140db
From the DGC Cassette and CD Looking In The Shadows
Run Time: 4:17

12. The Posies – Fight It (If You Want)
Writers: Jon Aber/Ken Stringfellow
Published: BMG Songs Inc./Number 23 Songs Music ASCAP/Careers-BMG Music Publishing Inc./Fastmilk Music BMI
Produced: Nick Launay
From the DGC Cassette and CD Amazing Disgrace
Run Time: 3:02

13. Gillian Welch – Pass You By
Writer: Gillian Welch/David Rawlings
Published: Irving Music, Inc./Say Uncle Music/Cracklin’ Music (adm. by Bug) BMI
Produced: T-Bone Burnett
From the Almo Sounds Cassette and CD Revival
Run Time: 3:53

14. Sammy – Encyclopedi-ite
Music: Jesse Hartman and Luke Wood
Words: Jesse Hartman
Published: Slim Phister Music BMI
Produced: Luke Wood and Jesse Hartman
Recorded/Mixed: Edward Douglas
From the DGC LP, Cassette and CD Tales Of Great Rock Glory
Run Time: 3:07

15. Remy Zero – Temenos (Here Comes The Shakes)
Writers: Remy Zero
Published: Chloroform Music BMI
Produced: Remy Zero
From the DGC Cassette and CD Remy Zero
Run Time: 3:30

16. James Hall – Honky Time
Writer: J. Hall
Published: Annunciation Music BMI
Produced: Phil Nicola/James Hall/Mio Vukovic
From the Geffen Cassette and CD Pleasure Club
Run Time: 3:52

17. Aimee Mann – All Over Now
Writer: Aimee Mann
Published: Aimee Mann ASCAP
Produced: Jon Brion
From the DGC Cassette and CD I’m With Stupid
Run Time: 4:01

18. Hog – Not Perfect
Writer: Kirk Miller
Published: Rellim Music BMI
Produced: Mike Fraser
From the DGC Cassette and CD Nothing Sacred
Run Time: 2:15

19. Cowboy Junkies – Speaking Confidentially
Writer: Michael Timmins
Published: BMG Songs Inc./Paz Junk Music ASCAP
Produced: John Keane/Michael Timmins
From the Geffen Cassette and CD Lay It Down
Run Time: 4:28

20. Sonic Youth – Little Trouble Girl (Instrumental)
Writers: Sonic Youth
Published: Sonik Tooth Music (adm. by Zomba Songs Inc. BMI
Produced: Sonic Youth with John Silket
Original version from the DGC LP, Cassette and CD Washing Machine
Run Time: 3:56

REAR COVER: “The first Buy Product was so appetizing people started clamoring for more. A guy from Idaho even wrote us to say: “I love you guys. this CD is excellent. You are awesome. Put out another one.” So for just a few bucks, we’re again displaying over 70 minutes of album tracks and b-side rarities from 20 artists for you (and the guy in Idaho). It’s called Brief Encounters this time. And it’s a great collection of single ready-to-wear numbers that still comes with the caveat that you consider going out and buying these artists’ full albums. But since you’re getting another cheap thrill, we feel it kinda evens out, Thus, Buy Product.”


Boss Hog
They say all of us are in the gutter, but only some of us are looking at the stars. Well, when these fortunate few look up, they probably see Boss Hog. On Boss Hog’s DGC debut, Cristina Martinez, Jonathan Spencer, Jens Jurgensen and Hollis Queens confirm what the punk rock faithful have always known: the more noise you make, the quicker you get what you want.

the lighted houses spell a word I could have learned to pronounce: another synonym for doubt. leanne read it from the sky. you’ll never drag it out of her: she only told me once or twice. she keeps her secrets (at least she tries). she keeps it written on the inside. i never…i should have…now it’s too late

Beck is the wild moth setting upon a sun of ice. His is the grace of resonant tin. This track is a new whispered pass-it-on from his next blow-out entitled The Human Beatbox Meets The Chewing-Cud Cow. Rock on. you fluffy sluts. – Thurston Moore

Loud Lucy
Three guys from Chicago bring you “scrappy, unpretentious pop rock powered by ragged-edged vocals and hooky stratocaster riffs…” (Chicago Tribune). Produced by Brad Wood (Veruca Salt, Liz Phair). their DGC Debut is “refreshingly angst-free” (Rolling Stone)

On their stretch-to-fit self-titled debut. Elastica cram 16 rapid-fire tunes into forty exhilarating minutes of brash and boisterous music. Critic’s from Rolling Stone, Spin, The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly named it among their Top 10 album picks for 1995. But don’t look for this song on the album, it’s a Buy Product B-side Bonus!

Maria McKee
From the onset, singer/songwriter Maria McKee’s third solo album, Life Is Sweet, was hailed as “…intriguing…unconventional…engrossing and unlike any of her previous work…a distinct musicl purity…” (CD Review). For the first time, McKee takes on the lead guitar role indulging fans with a “drop-dead gorgeous collision of noise, poise and an angelic voice” (New Musical Express).

Dear You, the Geffen debut from San Francisco’s indie pioneers, reads like a collection of three a.m. letters revealing tales about love, anger and revenge. It’s a captivating half-dreamed landscape of agonies, ironies and ecstasies encased in melodic, mega guitar punk songs.

The Sugarplastic
Joyously innovative, intricately-crafted, witty pop in the tradition of some of the genre’s finest songsters. Alternative Press calls them “one of the best English bands to come out of America” Bang, The Earth Is Round is their major-label debut.

Dark and peversely innovative pop tunes from the minds (and other parts) of Shirley Manson, Steve Marker, Butch Vig and Duke Erikson. Their self-titled debut album is “a daring record” **** (Rolling Stone) “blasting away from retro’s dead end” (Alternative Press)

Southern Culture On The Skids
Whewee! It’s a greased-up, swamp-stomping, butt-wagging, soul-simmering stew of blues, rock, surf, twang and barnyard rap that’s more fun than wrestling a bear. The major-label debut from this North Carolina trailer park trio makes a bold skit mark on the shorts of pop culture.

The Raincoats
A highly influential, British, all-girl, post-punk-era band that “transformed punk info something strange and wonderful…” (Spin). Their groundbreaking early work was recently re-issued on DGC. Produced by Ed Buller (Suede, Pulp), Looking In The Shadows is their first full-length release since 1984: a very cool, very smart, very saucy album

The Posies
On their fourth album, Amazing Disgrace, The Posies take their “clashy crystals of electroguitar peotry, and passionate bomb-bursting swells of heartbeating song” (Alternative Press) to a whole new level.

Gillian Welch
All the sorrow and sweetness of a hundred leavings and returnings is pressed into the heart of this stunningly soulful debut, Gillian Welch’s engagingly spare songs paint intimate portraits of plain folk with a graceful hand and a rare authenticity.

I was arm wrestling Sammy down in the rec room. You should’ve heard the POP sound when his arm jumped out of the socket. I watched the ambulance peel up Neptune Avenue, red lights flashing. We could have been crossing plastic swords, his Lou Reed vs. my Brian Eno with Wire on the hi-fi in the background. There’s blood on the floor but Sammy is grinning at everyone.

Remy Zero
Their self-titled debut album is a dreamy, atmospheric, tonal and atonal collage awash in shimmery guitar and lush harmony. It’s something of a beautiful sonic squall with all the members haring and trading musical responsibilities.

James Hall
Critics have compared him to everone from Siouxsie Sioux to David Bowie to James Brown to Iggy Pop. But that’s only because it’s easier than trying to describe the wildly diverging rhythms and sexually charged energy of his highly rewarding Geffen debut.

Aimee Mann
Rolling Stone has called Aimee Mann “one of out premier songwriters.” On her acclaimed second solo album, the former ‘Till Tuesday lead singer mixes stipped-down melodies and indie rock power with lyrics of bittersweet intimacy

Quickly replacing pork rinds as America’s favorite snack, Hog serve up a sizzling platter of the tastiest three-chord rock ever to grease your oversaturated brain. Their debut album Nothing Sacred features thirteen violently happy, loud, obnoxious songs guranteed to make you squeal. Pork out!

Cowboy Junkies
Critics are calling Lay It Down their best record since The Trinity Session’s languidly seductive grooves launched them from the obscurity of their garage in Canada. Margo Timmins’ vocals are “remarkable..ethereal and cool” (Rolling Stone) and Michael Timmins shows himself to be a “formidable musical poet” (The New Yorker).

Sonic Youth
“The tinfoil supernova on top of the Sonic Youth tree is Washing Machine. Sonic Youth’s track record over the last dozen years qualifies them for the greatest rock and roll band in the world…” (Village Voice). Rock and roll is dead and SY stand in the sun-salute pose transcendent and free. Future documents will be action, thought and true love. Washing machines are guitars and light becomes sound. CDs will be sold as donuts. And pigs shall know beauty. – Thurston Moore

Idea: Cornyn Shen Advertising & Design
Photography: Rick Der Photography

BARCODE: 7 20642 49632 9

MATRIX: “DIDX-040319 1 SOA IFPI 1326”