V/A feat. Boss Hog – Rah Rah Sis Boom Swag [Promo] (CD, US)

1995 Geffen PRO-CD-4779
01. Jawbreaker – Save Your Generation
02. Boss Hog – White Sand
03. Southern Culture on the Skids
04. That Dog – Lip Gloss
05. Bivouac – Not Going Back There Again
06. Elastica – Spastica
07. Genius – Labels
08. Urge Overkill – The Mistake
09. Saucer – Pell Mell
10. Sonic Youth – Becuz
11. Loud Lucy – Ticking
12. Garbage – Queer
13. Ann Magnuson – Miss Pussy Pants
14. Teenage Fanclub – Don’t Look Back
V/A feat. Boss Hog - Rah Rah Sis Boom Swag [Promo] (CD, US)
Compilation in card sleeve with stickered cover artwork featuring the Boss Hog song White Sand from the 1995 Geffen album.

This is very similar to the various Swag and Swag American Style albums issued by Geffen.

02. Boss Hog – White Sand
[Credits taken from Boss Hog]
The Boss Hogs:
Cristina Martinez
Jonathan Spencer
Jens Jurgensen
Hollis Queens

Writers: Boss Hog
Published: Boss Hog Designee
Produced: Jonathan Spencer and Steve Fisk
Reduced: Cristina Martinez
Engineered: Bil Emmons
Assisted by Crispy Tom Schick and Derek Somaru
Mastered by Howie Weinberg for Masterdisk, NYC
Recorded and Mixed at Sear Sound, NYC, 1995

ARTWORK: [unknown]


MATRIX: [unknown]