V/A feat. Boss Hog – This Music Won’t Let You Sleep! (CD, ITALY)

2000 Labels
01. Moby – Porcelain (Rob Dougan Mix)
02. Boss Hog – Stereolight
03. Settevite – Sottovuoto
04. Primus & Ozzy – N.I.B.
05. Shawn Lee – Kill Somebody
06. Recoil – Jezebel
07. Goldfrapp – Lovely Head
08. Toni Estese – Hot
09. Caparezza – Tutto Ciò Che C’è
10. 10 C – Blow It Up Ya’ll
11. The Creators feat. El Da Sensei – The Music
12. Casa Del Fico – Funky Man
13. Calexico – Drenched
14. Nocca – La Musique et La Chance
V/A feat. Boss Hog - This Music Won't Let You Sleep! (CD, ITALY)
Promotional CD issued in card sleeve featuring Stereolight from the Boss Hog album Whiteout.
02. Boss Hog – Stereolight
Writers: Boss Hog / © (p) 1999 Boss Hog
Published: Madam’s Organ Music
Produced/Mixed: Tore Johansson for Tambourine Productions
Recording Engineered: Bil Emmons
Recorded at Magic Shop, NYC.
Mixed at Tambourine Studios, Malmo, Sweden
Assistant Engineer for the Recording: Reto Peter
Mastered: Roger Jonsson at CD-Plant Mastering. Malmo, Sweden.
Vocals: Cristina Martinez
Guitar/Vocals: Jonathan Spencer
Bass: Jens Jurgensen
Drums/Vocals: Hollis Queens
Keyboards: Mark Boyce
ARTWORK: [unknown]


MATRIX: [unknown]

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