V/A feat. Boss Hog – Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000.2 (CD, UK)

March 2000 Uncut Uncut33 UG-14 20
01. Supersuckers – I Want The Drugs
02. Rick Rizzo & Tara Key
– Good Evening Mr Peckinpah
03. Neil Casal – Fell On Hard Times
04. Lambchop – Nashville Parent
05. Bellatrix – Sweet Surrender
06. Sunshine Club – Take Your Place
07. Knife In The Water – Sent You Up
08. Boss Hog – Stereolight
09. Jackie Leven – Single Father
10. Patricia Barber – The Beat Goes On
11. June and the Exit Wounds
– How Much I Really Loved You
12. The Blue Nile – Downtown Lights
13. Noonday Underground – London
14. Dwight Twilley – Baby’s Got The Blues Again
15. Yo La Tengo – Our Way To Fall
Cover-mount CD given away with March 2000 issue (#33) of Uncut magazine issued in regular album case. Includes Stereolight (from Whiteout) by Boss Hog.

Cover features the incorrect spelling “Boss Hogg”.

This track also appeared on the New Voices 34 compilation CD given away with Rolling Stone magazine.

Compiled: Roy Carr and Allan Jones
Design: Kerrin Hands
Production Supremos: Robin Allan and Mick Meikleham
Mastering Engineer: Andrew Thompson

This compilation (p) & © 2000 Uncut/IPC Magazines Ltd.

01. Supersuckers – I Want The Drugs
Writers: Supersuckers
Published: Muscle Car Music (BMI)
Produced: Kurt Bloch & Supersuckers
(p) & © 1999 Koch Entertainment LLC
Taken from the album The Evil Powers of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Aces & Eights)

02. Rick Rizzo & Tara Key – Good Evening, Mr Peckinpah
Writers: Rizzo/Key
Published: Beach Miner Music/Chessie America Tunes (BMI)
Recorded by Tara Key & Tim Harris
(p) 1999 Thrill Jockey © 1999 Rick Rizzo/Tara Key
Taken from the album Dark Edison Tiger (Thrill Jockey)

03. Neal Casal – Fell On Hard Times
Writers: Casal
Published: Moreban Music/WB Music Corp (ASCAP)
Produced: Jim Scott
(p) & © Glitterhouse 2000
Taken from the album Anytime Tomorrow (Glitterhouse)

04. Lambchop – Nashville Parent
Writer: Wagner
Published: Pathetic Hindsight Music (BMI)/Admin: Bug Music
Produced: Mark Nevers & Kurt Wagner
(p) & © 2000 Lambchop & Merge Records
© 2000 Lambchop
Taken from the album Nixon (City Slang)

05. Bellatrix – Sweet Surrender
Writers: Bellatrix
Published: Copyright Control
Produced: Don Swift
Co-Produced: Bellatrix
(p) & © 2000 Fierce Panda
Taken from their debut album due in April on Fierce Panda

06. Sunshine Club – Take Your Place
Writer: Giovanni
Published: Softhead (BMI)/Stinkfoot (ASCAP)
Produced: Sunshine Club & Desmond Shea
(p) 1999 Glitterhouse Records © 1999 Softhead (BMI)/Stinkfoot (ASCAP)
Taken from the album Home (Glitterhouse)

07. Knife In The Water – Sent You Up
Writer: Blount
Published: A. Blount (BMI)/Bellwether Music/Knife In The Water
Produced: Knife In The Water
© 1999 Bellwether Music/Knife In The Water
Taken from the album Plays One Sound And Others (Glitterhouse)

08. Boss Hog – Stereolight
Writers: Boss Hog
Published: Madam’s Organ Music
Vocals: Cristina Martinez
Guitar/Vocals: Jonathan Spencer
Bass: Jens Jurgensen
Drums/Vocals: Hollis Queens
Keyboards: Mark Boyce
Produced/Mixed: Tore Johansson for Tambourine Productions
Recording Engineered: Bil Emmons
Recorded at Magic Shop, NYC.
Mixed at Tambourine Studios, Malmo, Sweden
Assistant Engineer for the Recording: Reto Peter
Mastered: Roger Jonsson
Licensed to City Slang
(p) & © 1999 Boss Hog
Taken from the album Whiteout (City Slang)

09. Jackie Leven – Single Father
Writer: Leven
Published: Carlin Music
Produced: Jackie Leven
(p) & © 2000 Cooking Vinyl
Taken from the album Defending Ancient Springs (Cooking Vinyl)

10. Patricia Barber – The Beat Goes On
Writer: Bono
Published: Warner-Chappell Music
Produced: Patricia Barber
(p) & © 1999 Premonition Records Inc.
Under exclusive license to Blue Note Records, Inc.
Taken from the live album Companion (Blue Note)

11. June & The Exit Wounds – How Much I Really Loved You
Writers: June & The Exit Wounds
Published: Rogeer That (ASCAP)
Produced: Todd Fletcher & Ellis Clark
(p) 1999 Parasol Records © 1999 Marina Records
Taken from the album A Little More Haven Hamilton, Please (Marina)

12. The Blue Nile – The Downtown Lights
Writers: Buchanan
Published: Buchanan Music
Produced: The Blue Nile
(p) & © 1989 Linn Records
Taken from the album Hats (Linn)

13. Noonday Underground – London
Writers: Dine/Martey
Published: Copyright Control
Vocals: Daisy Martey
Produced: Simon Dine
The first copyright in this sound recording is owned by noonday Underground © 1999 and is exclusively licensed to M21
(p) & © 2000 M21
Taken from the album Self Assembly (M21)

14. Dwight Twilley – Baby’s Got The Blues Again
Writer: Twilley
Produced: Dwight Twilley
(p) & © 1999 Copper, Houston, TX 77042
Taken from the album Tulsa (When!)

15. Yo La Tengo – Our Way To Fall
Writer: Yo La Tengo
Published: Roshashauna Music
Produced: Roger Moutenot
(p) & © 2000 Matador Records
Taken from the album And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (Matador)

“A Big Thanks Is Extended To:
Laurence Bell, Ed Bicknell, Michael Bonner, Paul Buchanan, Chris Carr, Dan Coxon, Wendy Day, Steve Hammonds, Emma Harper, Mike Holdsworth, Frank Laehnemann, Paul Lester, Ann Murray, Pam @ Hermana, Pippa & Jane & Money Business, Michelle Polly, Mark Rogers, Bruce Sandell, Mal Smith, Sophie Watson-Smith, May Starey, Robert Tame and Wyndham Wallace.

This one is for Robert Bresson, Curtis Mayfield and Peanuts”

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