V/A feat. Honeymoon Killers – Howl! 10 (7″, GERMANY)

June 1991 Howl Howl! 10
A1. Vulgar Boatmen – Nobody’s Business
A2. Victoria Williams – Green Pastures

B1. AD/AC Motörwelt – Unn L Maarik
B2. Honeymoon Killers – Kansas City Milkman

V/A feat. Honeymoon Killers - Howl! 10 (7", GERMANY) - Label - Side A
German language magazine with 7″ in plain white paper sleeve.

Each issue of Howl! magazine included a 7″ single. Vol. 10 included Kansas City Milkman which features both Russell Simins and Jon Spencer. The magazine also includes a 2-page article on the band.

Kansas City Milkman is a single taken from the album Hung Far Low and was also released as a 7″ on Black, Red and Yellow vinyl and appeared on the Vital Juices and Dead End Destiny compilations.

Description of Howl! magazine:

“HOWL, a german magazine about music and splatter movies (subtitle Rock’n’ Roll and Massmurder), founded from ex-publisher of the magazines TNT and Glitterhouse, had a life span of 13 issues, the last issue were published in 1994. Every issue incl. a hard-vinyl 7inch with unreleased tracks from bands, that were featured in the magazine. When I now leaf into this magazine I think, brrrr splatter movies, I’m not interested in this genre, hmm a lot of sexist stuff you find there, how we said in german, ‘a real boy thing’, not my cup of tea. But there are a lot of fine and long articles about bands and musicans like Radio Birdman, Thin White Rope, SST, Adrian Sheerwood , Neil Young…” – ‘dorfdiscobraunsfeld’

Bass/Vocals: Lisa
Drums/Vocals: Russell
Guitar/Vocals: Jerry
Guitar/Trombone: Jon

A. Kansas City Milkman
Writers: Honeymoon Killers
Run Time: 3:45

B. Nothin’
Run Time: 3:03

Band photo: Jens Jurgenson
Corporate logo: Savage Pencil

P.O. Box E155, St. James 2000
N.S.W, Australia
DISC: 45 rpm

Band Photo: Jens Jurgenson
Corporate Logo: Savage Pencil


A: “”79c- or i piss on your flowers” DTMX-77189 WRA 3:40″
B: “DTMX-77190* WRA 3:00”

*The ‘9’ on this side is actually written heavily over the top of an ‘8’ (ie. whoever did the engraving was writing the A-Side engraving again).

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