V/A feat. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Cheapo Crypt Sampler (CD, GERMANY)

March 1994 Crypt Records CR-CD-1443 / EFA CD 11567-45
01. Introduction – Ol’ Pal Joe
02.The New Bomb Turks – Long Gone Sister
03. The Devil Dogs Back In The City
04. Teengenerate – Get Me Back
05. The Mighty Caesars – Because Just Because
06. The Gories – I Got Eyes For You
07. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Backslider
08. The Beguiled – The Screaming Rummy
09. The Raunch Hands – Blubber Nellie
10. Nine Pound Hammer – Feelin’ Kinda Froggy
11. Thee Headcoats – Every Day
12. Fireworks – Murdered Model
13. The Lazy Cowgirls – Frustration, Tragedy & Lies
14. Pagans – What’s This Shit Called Love
15. The Oblivians – Sunday You Need Love
16. The New Bomb Turks – Tail Crush
17. The Devil Dogs – Go On Girl
18. Thee Mighty Caesars – Loathsome & Wild
19. The Gories – Nitroglycerine
20. Nine Pound Hammer – Runaway Train
21. The Raunch Hands – Naked Naked Naked
22. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Feeling of Love
23. Thee Headcoats – Young Blood
24. The Beguiled – She-Devil Rock
25. Fireworks – Thunder Road
26. Pagans – Give Till It Hurts
27. The Pleasure – Fuckers Pink House Club
28. The Devil Dogs – Hosebag
29. Thee Mighty Caesars – Why Don’t You Try My Love
30. The Gories – I Think I’ve Had It
31. The Raunch Hands – Green Room
32. Lyres – The Way I Feel About You

CD in regular case with fold-out cover featuring photos and information on the artists. Includes the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion tracks Backslider (Extra Width) and Feeling of Love (Crypt Style)

Cover states that there are “30 Songs!” whereas the rear correctly states “31 Songs”. In total there are 32 tracks with the first being an introduction.

Some places list September.1994 and amazon.com states the release date as 15.MAY.1995 but the booklet to this CD gives a discography of all Crypt releases and this particular compilation was scheduled for March.1994.

07. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Backslider
[The following song credits are taken from the ‘Extra Width’ sleeve]
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Published: Spencer/Explosion. © 1993 Dirty Shirt, BMI
Recorded: Memphis at Easley Recording, Nov 23-24 ’92 and in NYC at Waterworks Recording, Jul 30 and Dec 3 ’92.
Mixed: Waterworks, Jan ’93.
Engineered: Doug Easley and Davis McCain (Memphis) and Jim Waters (NYC).
Produced by Jon Spencer

22. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Feeling of Love
[The following song credits are taken from the ‘Crypt Style ‘ sleeve]
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Published Spencer/Explosion (Copyright Control)
Recorded in NYC 1991, with Kramer or Albini
Produced by Spencer

The next 78 minutes of hot-shit CRYPT action-blast COULD very well either change yer life or leave you disgusted (if the LATTER is the case, be glad, because ya only dropped a lousy 6 bucks, bubba!). Whatever the result, we’ll have hipped ya to the utterly SWANK sounds o’ CRYPT’s most swanging’ and mightily bold crew o’ bare-bones, un-progressive (hey, if “progress” means today’s so-called “underground” consisting of a buncha Joni Mitchell-inspired “love rockers”, King Crimson-inspired “crossover-core-fusion” bicycle-pant-wearing dweebs, or Led Zep/Sabbath-inspired “grungers”, I’d best just hang it up now tryin’ to work this #%B$# computer, build myself a time machine and fly my ass back to 18,000 B.C. There’s probably more fun to be had listening to cavemen bashing rocks together than put up with hearin’ yet another whining J. Mascis/Smashing Pumpkins clone.) …ooop… back to line #6: yeah, un-progressive, bash-it-out-and-do-it-SIMPLY rockers. We got a solid roster o fine young upstarts ready to blast forth for ya, so let’s cut the chatter and get on to the music at hand. (Oh, yeah! if ya find yerself diggin’ these choice morsels, then get yo’ ass on out the door and into yer local rekkid shop and DEMAND the fine full-length LP’s or CD’s from which these fine nuggets were culled! It ain’t exactly that our magnificent roster o’ rockers are millionaires, nimrod, and they damn well deserve yer support via SALES and GIG ATTENDANCE! Okey?

1. The New Bomb Turks – Long Gone Sister
A particularly scorchin’ blast from this Columbus, Ohio foursome’s Jan 1992 debut LP “DESTROY-OH-BOY” (CRYPT LP/CD CR-032, EFA 11560). This crew of Ohio State U English grads slam the door shut on Lord Byron et al, realizing, of course, that they ARE A ROCK’N’ROLL band (and as being such, there just ain’t no use fer long-winded interlechule babble. Junior Morrisseys of the World: TAKE NOTE!) Hungry for MORE Turks? Grab alla their fine 7″ singles on sech labels as Get Hip, Sympathy, Empty, Bag of Hammers, Damaged Goods, Demolition Derby, Datapanik, etc. and their 5-song 10″ on Engine. FEAR NOT: The Turks 2nd LOP shall be unleashed September 1994 on CRYPT! And baby, it’s gon’ scorch yo’ backside not unlike a backseat limo “ride” with Freddy Mercury!

2. The Devil Dogs – Back In The City
Oh, daddy! Oh, daddy! Lock up yer scheisshunds! The Devil Dogs be in yo’ town TONITE! Here’s a prime taste o’ the mighty, twin-barrelled, 484 horsepower ROCK’N’ROLL MACHINE that do call itself THE DEVIL DOGS! From their August 1993 LP “SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER” (CRYPT LP/CD CR-035, EFA 11359. In USA: CD available on SYMPATHY). These New YAWK lads have got quite the library o’ aural kicks awaiting those of you just made aware of their bold road their debut 16-song LP of Aug ’89, “THE DEVIL DOGS” (CRYPT-019, EFA 11559), the 8-song MLP of July 90, “BIG BEEF BONAZA” (CRYPT-022, EFA 11542), the 9-song MLP of March ’92, “WE THREE KINGS” (CRYPT-028, EFA 11504), and a 30-song CD, “30 SIZZLING SLABS!” (CRYPT-192228, EFA 11561) which contains 95% of the first 3 12″s. There’s also a Spanish LIVE lp, a few 7″s on Sympathy & Empty, amini-CD on Empty, an upcoming 10″ jon the Japanese Label 1&2, AND their 5th LP will be out in early ’95 on CRYPT. GET ‘EM ALL!

3. Teengenerate – Get Me Back
Well, this is kinda cheating, as it’s a song out on this crazed Japanese group’s debut 7″ on Wallabies Records, but it’s an adequate “teaser” for debut TEENGENERATE LP/CD out on CRYPT in September ’94. Leadman Fink & Co were formerly the American Soul Spiders (7″s on Sympathy) till their singer moved to N’Yawk. TONS of Teengenerate 7″s out soon on Casting Couch, Estrus, Demo Derby, Sympathy, Lucky, Lance Rock, Rip Off, and a GEARHEAD zine 7″. Lordy, whatta busy crew! On tour in West-coast USA in May ’94, Europe in October 94. See ’em!

4. Thee Mighty Caesars – Because Just Because
A bbrutal slab o’ the incredibly productive Billy Childish, this one from his post-Milkshakes, pre-Headcoats combo that slashed 70’s punk-rock road thru cheap amps and vintage Brit R&B in a mucho scathing manner. Fer more o’ this fine stuff grab these: “ENGLISH PUNK ROCK EXPLOSION” LP (CRYPT-014, EFA 11544), “JOHN LENNON’S CORPSE REVISITED” LP (CRYPT-018, EFA 11545), “SURELY THEY WERE THE SONS OF GOD” (CRYPT-023, EFA 11546) or the 33-song CD “SURELY THEY WERE THE SONS OF GOD” (CRYPT-0141823), which contains 70.5% of the cuts from the LPs. Oh yeah: this cut;s from the “John Lennon’s Corpse” LP (and on this 33-song CD.)

5. The Gories – I Got Eyes For You
Detroit’s Gories tackle yet another John Lee Hooker tune, this one from their 3rd LP/CD “OUTTA HERE” of July ’92 (CRYPT-030, EFA 11503). Unfortunately The Gories are no more, as they were a rather volatile outfit and following their 1992 Euro tour they busted up (perhaps for their 28th time!) for good. But fear not: Being the “fuck ‘marketing’, let’s keep the ‘classics’ available” sorta label that we are, we’ll have VINYL reissues out of their 1st two LP’s, “HOUSEROCKIN'” (CRYPT-041, EFA 11576) and “I KNOW YOU FINE BUT HOW YOU DOIN'” (CRYPT-042, EFA 11577) plus a CD, “I KNOW YOU BE HOUSEROCKIN'” (CRYPT-04241, EFA 11577) that’ll contain 25 of the 27 cuts from these first 2 LPs. Go out and buy this shit, you NEED it! (Check out Tracks 18 & 29 fer a sample of ’em)

6. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Back Slider
In case y’all didn’t know it, Blues Explosion are THE hottest live band on the fuckin’ planet, baby! (But you all know that…) This here is from their 2nd LP/CD “EXTRA WIDTH” (CRYPT-033, EFA 11541. Available in USA/UK on Matador Records), and it’s a fine chunk o’ blues-punk grind! Yer also gonna have to grosp the Blues Explosion debut, “CRYPT-STYLE” LP/CD (CRYPT-029, EFA 11502) and be sure to pick up the 3 Blues Explosion 7″s on IN THE RED Records; “Shirt Jac”, “Son of Sam”, and “Train #1”. Required listening to say the least! And keep yer eyes peeled for the Mini-LP “MO’ WIDTH” on AU-GO-GO …and in August ’94, a brand new 3rd LP on CRYPT! (and on Matador for USA/UK.)

7. The Beguiled – The Screaming Rummy
Vip! Vop! Here’s a taste offa this Garden Grove, Cal crew’s BRAND-NEW March 94 LP/CD, “BLUE DIRGE” (CRYPT-039, EFA 11574). These guys aren’t really so “new” – they formed as teens in ’85, ished an alb, “GONE AWAY” on Dionysus in ’88, but kinda disbanded to do some worldly travel just after that LP was released, re-forming again in ’90, Muchly revived due to drummer Stephen J Fish’s new-found skills of voodoo doctory, picked up during his 1988-90 years of apprenticeship on Easter Island. The Beguiled’ goal: IRRITATION. And I’d say they damn well succeed! Look, junior: if it’s la-la-goody-goody “retro-garage” ya want, look elsewhere…these cats are out to cause MIGRANE-SUPREME and “Blues Dirge” is just the ticket fer a hell-ride to said “thrills” ! Don’t be a florgin’ sissy…

8. The Raunch Hands – Blubber Nellie
Yeah, the fuckin’ RAUNCH HANDS, baby! I’m afraid t’was these guys that caused me to all offa the wagon after a 5-year booze-free spell. And who could possibly resist? In 1984 these guys got together crankin’ out buckets o’ drunken, irreverent, rude-ass “treatments” of the greatest array of cob-webbed, fucked-up old R&B lechery, copping (fer ex:) an odd Bo Diddley instro, slappin’ lyrics to it, mashing down hard onnit, an’ out came squealin’ the logical kin of an unholy mating of Andre Williams, Gerry Roslie, Link Wray, Hound Dog Taylor and Johnny Thunders inna steamy six-way with Amber Lynn. And UNLIKE most bands you “dig” for 2 years and then start to suck, the Hands burned red-hot full-time. (I should know: at their LAST ever gig (November 92 in Groningen Rock City, Holland), I downed a bottle o’ Jim Beam, snorted 3 lines of NASTY speed, blacked out and ended up in jail c/o the “friendly” local cops, soaked in blood and “sporting” some wiseguys magic marker Hitler moustache…eegh..) Do yerself a favor and grosp their ’85-’86 stuff on either the AU-GO-GO or 1&2 CD, and alla their ’88-’92 shit is on CRYPT: “PAYDAY” LP (CRYPT-015, EFA 11526), “HAVE A SWIG” (CRYPT-021, EFA 11527), “FUCK ME STUPID” LP/CD (CRYPT-031, EFA 11505. The CD also contains “Have A Swig”.) This here cut’s offa “FUCK ME STUPID”. A mighty big top o’ the hat to bassist George Sulley and guit-man Mike Mariconda, who’ve RE-opened the CRYPT USA operations in ’94 to further spread the oozing disease of the mighty CRYPT EMPIRE.

9. Nine Pound Hammer – Feelin’ Kinda Froggy
A poundin’ true tale o’ southern cross-breeding by these Kentucky brawlers, from their 2nd LP/CD “SMOKIN’ TATERS!” (CRYPT-027, EFA 11501. CD also contains their 1st LP, “The Mud, The Blood & The Beers”) of December 1991. Don’t go lumping these guys in with the god-damned cornball “cowpunk” “movement” of such novelty cretins as the Hickoids, Blood On The Saddle, etc.; Nine Pound Hammer ARE of the country, the GENUINE thing, and DON’T rely on cornball “ain’t we hick” camp. You move to Owensboro, Kentucky and see what kinda punk cocktail grows in ya puttin’ up with good ole boys, the KKK, bible-thumpin’ creeps, etc. Sept 94 will see their 3rd LP/CD, “MULEBITE” out on CRYPT.

10. Thee Headcoats – Everyday
Prime punk-stomp from Oct 89 “EARLS OF SUAVEDOM” LP (CRYPT-020, EFA 11557. Also included on the CD “BEACHED EARLS” (CRYPT-02024, EFA 11563). It’d be damned near impossible to even attempt to do a HEADCOATS discography – at this point it’s up to over 10 lp’s, 18 singles…enuf to keep the hardcore Billy Childish collector broke for years…

11. Fireworks – Murdered Model
Goddamn great new band outta Dallas with a killer debut LP/CD, “SET THE WORLD ON FIRE” out NOW on CRYPT (CR-038, EFA 11573). They’ve also got 2 cool non-LP 7″s out on IN THE RED and EASY ACTION. Punked-out rockabilly based triple-guitar man Darin also puts in time w/ 68 COME-BACK and JACKNIFE, and was previously in a Texas band called THE RED DEVILS (NOT the other, major-label blues band of the same name!) who put out a pretty cool 7″ on CASTING COUCH, and was also in NYC film-maker Richard Kern’s bluesy band, THE BLACKSNAKES, who ished a pretty cool alb in ’88 on RADIUM. This tune here’s about a guy who could only take so much of a pretty gal’s taunts… “He didn’t know why she made him so mad, all she did was laugh and laugh and laugh..” and then she was gone….

12. The Lazy Cowgirls – Frustration, Tragedy And Lies
The mighty road of The Cowgirls’ is “documented” just fine in this unrelenting scorch-fest, culled from their Nov 93 3-song 7″ (CRYPT-037, EFA 11570), which we strongly urge you to buy, cauz the other 2 cuts are absolutely top-notch, too! Yep! The Cowgirls are still going strong, mebbe stronger than ever! Lotsa great stuff by ’em on Sympathy and Dog Meat, so do yourself a favor and track all their releases down.

13. The Pagans – What’s This Shit Called Love
EEEEEYYYAAAASSS! ladies and gents, we at CRYPT sho’ be PROUD to treat you to this fine piece o’ punk rock history (MORE than history, bubba: THIS is HOW TO PUNK OUT period: No fuckin’ mohawks, no fuckin’ Doc Martins, no fuckin’ political sloganeering…just a shitload of ATTITUDE & ALIENATION, very little care for “musical virtuosity”, and the DESIRE TO ROCK & ROLL! We STRONGLY urge you to drop EVERYTHING right NOW and rush out to yer local store and BUY our AMAZING muthafukkin’ PAGANS “EVERYBODY HATES YOU” CD (CRYPT-036, EFA 11575). It is an incredible package of 30 songs, a 10″ x 28″ foldout booklet chockfulla color and B&W fotos, info, etc of probably one of the MOST IMPORTANT & EVER-VALID early American punk rock bands that flipped the bird to gawdawful 70s radio rock and put the ROLL and gutter back into R&R. We don’t talk “hype” shit ala most labels – just BUY this CD!

14. The Oblivians – Sunday You Need Love
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know that Jesus Lizard already covered this “classic” piece of German New Wave (TRIO…remember the godawful “club hit” “DA DA DA” of the early 80’s? sure ya do… you KNOW you were into that limp shit or YOU WOULDN’T HAVE HAD TO BE COERCED INTO BUYING THIS CHEAP CD to discover the REAL scuzz!), but believe you me, these Memhis punks give this tune the classic anal cowprod supreme! This is the A-side of their April 94 CRYPT 7″ (CRYPT-044), and you’d do wisely to pick up their other 7″s on GONER and the ever-fine IN THE RED label.

15. The New Bomb Turks – Tail Crush
from their debut LP/CD “Destroy-Oh-Boy!” CRYPT-032

16. The Devil Dogs – Go On Girl
from their “Big Beef Bonanza” MLP CRYPT-022, or their “30 Sizzling Slabs” CD CR-192228

17. Thee Mighty Caesars – Loathesome And Wild
from the “English Punk Rock Explosion” LP CRYPT-014, or the Surely They Were The Sons of God” CD CRYPT-0141823

18. The Gories – Nitroglycerine
from “I Know You Fine But How You Doin'” LP CRYPT-042, of “I Know You Be Houserockin'” CD

19. Nine Pound Hammer – Runaway Train
from “The Mud, The Blood & The Beers” LP CRYPT-WH-007, or “Smokin’ Taters” CD

20. The Raunch Hands – Naked, Naked, Naked
from “Have A Swig” MLP CRYPT-021, or “Fuck Me Stupid” CD CR-031

21. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Feeling Of Love
from their “Crypt Style” LP/CD CRYPT-029

22. Thee Headcoats – Young Blood
from their “Beach Bums Must Die” LP CRYPT-024 or “Beached Earls” CD CRYPT-02024

23. The Beguiled – She-Devil Rock
from their “Blue Dirge” LP/CD CRYPT-039

24. Fireworks – Thunder Road
from their “Set The World On Fire” LP/CD CRYPT-038

25. The Pagans – Give Til It Hurts
from their “Everybody Hates You” CD CRYPT-036. Originally issued on “The Pink Album”, 1983. 6 yrs on and they’re rawer than ever! Try to say that about most “punks”!

26. The Pleasure Fuckers – Pink House Club
A rather lewd ode to a Madrid, Spain bordello and a certain-skilled lass name Wicky Wacky Wanda, from this international (3 Yanks, 1 Brit and a madman Spanish Howler) gang of thugs residing in said bordello’s vincinity. This cut is from their 3rd LP, “Supper Star”, which we’ve re-ished on CD (CRYPT-034, EFA 11506). We’ve also got a real ace 7″ out by ’em, “Snakebite/ Haven’t Got The Time” (CRYPT-45, EFA 40279) that’s got a rippin’ non-LP/CD b-side cover of The Pagans’ classic. The P.F.’s got a new Lp out in 94 on another label.

27. The Devil Dogs – Hosebag
Yet annuda poonk-rawk blaster by dem Dogs, this ‘un from their debut LP (CRYPT-019. Also on their “30 Sizzling Slabs” CD) and chosen cauz there’s a cool bit o’ history behind it; ‘Twas back in Nov 88, and Monsieur Billy Childish & Thee Caesars had jet-setted it over to NYC to “perform” at CRYPT’s “BAD MUSIC SEMINAR”. Between multiple watchings of “Blue Velvet” and the porn classic “Wet 2”, Billy also produced a few groups recording at Coyote Studios in Brooklyn, including a certain crew of ruffians called (appropriately enuf) THE RAT BASTARDS. Feeling inspired by their crude barrafe (or perhaps pitying their songwriting abilities?…) Billy crawled off in a corner and cracked out 3 frantic lewd, 1:47 gems in a matter of 7 minutes, taught the R.B.’s the rudeiments of the 3 “compositions”, and the lads quickly set ’em onto reel. These 3 songs “Hosebag”, (inspired by the Yank term used by a certain pipelayer for his wanton wench ex-gal), “Suck The Dog” (inspired by the vague and suspicious-looking beef hanging from the meat-house racks in the Coyote vicinity), and “Pussywhipped” (another Yank term Billy took to heart after hearing repeated references to one band-memeber as being in such a state), and 11 more Rat Bastards’ tunes unfortunately never saw the light of day, as certain RB members considered them too crude (and proceeded to STEAL the maste-tapes, fuckin’ me outta a buncha bread!). Anyhoo, Billy & Thee Caesars returned to Chatham and knocked out their own versions of 2 of the 3 tunes, and a slew more. “Suck The Dog” ended up on Thee Caesars’ “swan-song” (fer you Led Zep-worshipping “grunge” fans out there) LP, “John Lennon’s Corpse Revisited” and “Pussywhipped” came out on a “Medway Powerhouse” comp. And the ex-Rat Bastards, with the new name The Devil Dogs, set their April 89 re-recordings of the 3 tunes written for ’em, and 13 other 2-minute wonders onto their debut LP…….

28. Thee Mighty Caesars – Why Don’t You Try My Love
from the “Surely They Were The Sons Of God” LP/CD

29. The Gories – I Think I’ve Had It
from the “Houserockin'” LP CRYPT-041 and from “I Know You Be Houserockin'” CD CRYPT-04241

30. The Raunch Hands – The Green Room
from the “Payday” LP CRYPT-015

31. The Lyres – The Way I Feel About You
From an upcoming CD reissue of 2 Lyres live LPs we put out in ’87 & ’89. The CD is titled THE EARLY YEARS: 1979-83″ (CRYPT-043, EFA 11578) and it’s out April 15 94. This particular cut is from a smokin’ live-in-the-studio session at WERS-FM in Cambridge, MA on March 20 ’83. Look: what set the Lyres apart from every band from every “garage rock explosion” that took place in the 80’s, and from the current overkill of paisley-wearing, Pebbles-covering bands is that the Lyres had SOUL and did not in any way try to sound “retro”, a factor sorely lacking in 95% of the bands that try their hand (and “try” is the key word here) at this “kind of thing”. Another point: Jeff “Mono Man” Conally should be fuckin’ REVERED cauz in 76-78 he was blastin’ out some of the finest goddamn punk-rock (and most important: PUNK WITH ROOTS rather than a buncha Bowie poofs “punking out” for 1 year before settling back into their real prog-rock love) with DMZ. Thank de lawd fer der bands like DMZ, the Pagans, Heartbreakers, Real Kids, the early and vital Ramones /Cramps/Saints fer having the smarts to re-write the ROOTS of punk, or believe me jack, music would suck even more now than it does. If these misfits hadn’t existed and “punk” had been left in the hands of such glam-bowie-prog jackasses that ere “punk” fer an LP at most, things would suck rather mightily. Fuck all that Gang Of 4, PiL, Joy Division, etc. “post-punk” shit! (the shit “progression” /”2nd Generation of punk” according to most fuckin’ “rock critics”: well, what in FUCK makes people think someone is EVER qualified to be a “ROCK CRITIC” anyway? Did these “rock critics” take some 40 years “Masters Degree In Rock”? No.. Then WHY IN FUCK do most people base their recrod-buying on the fucking WORD of some numbskull? And this goes for the so-called “indie” world as well as the fucked mainstream! USE YOUR EARS, don’t trust a “rock crtitic”.)

Thank you, Mono. fer DMZ and turnin’ me and a lotta more folks on to the SONICS, LINK WRAY, and all kindsa great shit! Thanks also to Billy Miller, Lux, Greg Shaw, Chris Capece, and prob’ly a helluva lot more folks fer lighting the flames that fucked my life up forever and caused me to want to flip the world a gigantic bird! Thanks MUCHO to all the bands on this CD for EXISTING and giving us a reason to try to hack it out in the big, ugly world of the “rock biz”. I know this turned into a bit of a nasty rant but that’s my privilege, baby, and there ain’t no reason in HELL fer me to kiss the public’s ass. Leave that task to the big boys and wanna-be’s. We dig it UNDERGROUND. Being “successfull” means just so many more IDIOTS pretending to like something. Why crowd things? All’s I can say now to wrap this CD up is: Hope ya dug it, and if so, stick with CRYPT, baby, fer the suave-ass R&R action cauz we ain’t gonna pump out worthless shit to make a buck. Go out and buy ALL our shit – it IS good… This CD and the whole damn label is dedicated to my mother, Gail Warren, who passed away Just as I finished laying out this package.”

COVER: Lists artists and “30 Songs! 13 Bands, 78 Minutes of Pure, Hearty, Rockin’ Raunch”

DISC: “Crypt Records, GEMA, 100% Pure Beef!, CR-CD-1443”

REAR: Tracklisting, barcode and the following text:

“Cheapo Crypt Sampler, 16 Bands, 31 Songs, 78 Minutes,

CRYPT CD-1443 EFA CD 11567-45

“CRYPT RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY (* denotes Out Of Print titles)
-(CR 001) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOl 1” LP Aug 83
-(CR 002) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOL 2” LP Oct 83
-(CR 003) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOL 3” LP June 84
-(CR-45-1) – RALPH NIELSEN & THE CHANCELLORS – “Scream” & 2 7″ July 84
-(CR-004) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOL 4” LP Nov 84
-(SA-661) – “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Vol 1” LP Jan 85*
-(SA 662) – “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Vol 2” LP Jan 85*
-(SA-663) – “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Vol 3”- LP Jan 85*
-(SA-664) – “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Vol 4” – LP Jan 85*
-(TW-64) – “TRANSWORLD PUNK Vol 1” – LP Jan 85
-(SA-665) – “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Vol 5” – LP April 85*
-(SA 666) – “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Vol 6” – LP April 85*
-(SA-667) – “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Vol 7” – LP April 85*
-(BD-5501) – “SIN ALLEY Vol 1” – LP May 85
-(CR-005) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE Vol 5” – LP May 85
-(CR-006) – THE NOMADS – “From Zero Down” – LP Aug 85*
-(RAR-155) – “SIN ALLEY Vol 2” LP June 86
-(CR-008) – THE SQUIRES – “Going All The Way With..” LP July 86
-(CR-009) – DMZ – “Live At Barnaby’s 1978” LP Oct 86*’
-(CR-PR-009) – DMZ – “Live At Barnaby’s” 4-song 7″ Oct 86*
-(CR-007) -“BACK FROM THE GRAVE Vol 6” LP Dec 86
-(LR-001) – “STRUMMIN’ MENTAL Vol 1” LP Feb 87*
-(LR-002) -“STRUMMIN’ MENTAL Vol 2” LP Feb 87*
-(LR-003) -“STRUMMIN’ MENTAL Vol 3” LP Feb 87*
-(CR-010) -THE TEMPOS LP April 87*
-(TW-65) -“TRANSWORLD PUNK Vol 2” LP April 87
-(LR-004) -“STRUMMIN’ MENTAL Vol 4” LP April 87*
-(CR-45-3) – THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS – “Go Baby Go” LP June 87*
-(CB-1958)- “SIN ALLEY Vol 3” LP July 87
-(CR-1004) – THE LYRES – “Live At Cantones” LP Nov 87*
-(CR-011) – THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS – “7 Inches Of Pleasure” 7″ Dec 87*
-(ST-001) – “LAS VEGAS GRIND Vol 1” LP Dec 87
-(CR-013) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE Vol 7” Dbl-LP June 88
-(CR-012) – THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS – “Go Baby Go” LP June 88*
-(SL-5562) – “SIN ALLEY Vol 4” – LP June 88
-(LR-005) – “STRUMMIN’ MENTAL Vol 5” – LP June 88
-(ST-002) – “LAS VEGAS GRIND Vol 2/Louie’s Limbo Lounge” LP Oct 88
-(TRT-001) – “BENT, BATTY & ‘BNOXIOUS!” – LP Oct 88*
-(CR-014) – THEE MIGHTY CAESARS – “English Punk Rock Explosion” LP Nov 88
-(CR 015) – THE RAUNCH HANDS – “Payday” LP Jan 89
-(HI-6I10U1) – “LOOKEY DOOKEY LP Jan 89
-(H-D.40oZ) – “HO-PAD HOOTENANNY” LP Feb 89
-(ST-003) – “LAS VEGAS GRIND Vol 3” LP Feb 89
-(CR-016) – THE GRAVEDIGGERS – “Move It!” – LP March 89*
-(CR-018) – THEE MIGHTY CAESARS – “John Lennon’s Corpse Revisited” LP Mar 89
-(CR-1004) THE LYRES – “Live 1983/Lets Have A Party” – LP April 89*
-(CR-019) – THE DEVIL DOGS “S/T” LP July 89
-(CR-020) – THEE HEADCOATS – “The Earls Of Suavedom” LP Oct 89
-(CR-021) – THE RAUNCH HANDS – “Have A Swig” MLP March 90
-(CR-022) – THE DEVIL DOGS – “Big Beef Bonanza” MLP July 90
-(CR-023) – THEE MIGHTY CAESARS – “Surely They Were The Sons…” LP Oct 90
-(CR-024) – THEE HEADCOATS – “Beach Bums Must Die” LP Oct 90
-(CR-1&2-4501) THE DEVIL DOGS – “Live In Tokyo” 7″ – June 91*
-(CR-025) – DMZ- “1976-77-Demos/Live” LP July 91*
-(ST-004) – “LAS VEGAS GRIND Vol 4” LP July 91
-(ST-005) – “JUNGLE EXOTICA” – LP Sept 91
-(TTRB -5463) – “TALKIN’ TRASH!” – LP Sept 91
-(FF67-71) – “SHAFTMAN” LP/7″ Sept 91
-(CR-026) – THE RAUNCH HANDS “Million Dollar Movie” 5-song dbl 7″ Nov 91
-(CR 027) – NINE POUND HAMMER “Smokin’ Taters!” LP Dec 91
-(CR-CD-027) – NINE POUND HAMMER – “Smokin Taters/Mud, Blood, Beers” CD Feb 92
-(CR-028) – THE DEVIL DOGS – “We Three Kings” – MLP Mar 92
-(CR-029) – THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION – “Crypt-Style” LP April 92
-(CR-030) – THE GORIES – “Outta Here” LP June 92
-(CR-030) – THE GORIES – “Outta Here” CD June 92
-(CR-031) – THE RAUNCH HANDS – “Fuck Me Stupid” LP/CD Sept 92
-(CR-ST00102) – “LAS VEGAS GRIND Part 1” CD Nov 92
-(CR-ST00304) – “LAS VEGAS GRIND Part 2” CD Nov 92
-(CR-032) – THE NEW BOMB TURKS – “Destroy-Oh-Boy!” LP/CD Jan 93
-(CR-CD-010203) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE Part 1” CD Feb 93
-(CR-CD-SIN12) – “SIN ALLEY Part 1” CD Feb 93
-(CR-ST-005) – “JUNGLE EXOCTICA” CD Feb 93
-(CR-CD-02024) – THEE HEADCOATS – “Beached Earls” CD Feb 93
-(CD-H-007) – NINE POUND HAMMER – “The Mud, The Blood & The Beers” LP Feb 93
-(CR-045) – THE PLEASURE FUCKERS – “Snakebite” 7″ June 93
-(CR-033) – THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION – “Extra Width” LP/CD June 93
-(CR-034) – THE PLEASURE FUCKERS – “Supper Star” CD July 93
-(CR-035) – THE DEVIL DOGS – “Saturday Night Fever” LP/CD August 93
-(CR-CD-030405) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE Part 2” CD October 93
-(CR-CD-141823) – THEE MIGHTY CAESARS – “Surely They Were..” CD Nov 93
-(CR-037) – THE LAZY COWGIRLS – “Frustration, Tragedy & Lies” 7″ Now 93
-(CR-CD-LR6501) – “STRUMMIN’ MENTAL Part 1” CD February 94
-(CR-CD-050713) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE Part 3” CD February 94
-(CR-CD-SA661234) – “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Part 1” CD February 94
-(CR-038) – FIREWORKS – “Set The World On Fire” LP/CD March 94
-(CR-036) – THE PAGANS – “Everybody Hates You” CD March 94
-(CR-038) – THE BEGUILED – “Blue Dirge” LP/CD March 94
-(CR-CD-1443) – “CHEAPO CRYPT SAMPLER” March 94
-(CR-041) – THE GORIES – “Houserockin'” LP March 94
-(CR-042) – THE GORIES – “I Know You Fine But How You Doin'” LP April 94
-(CR-CD-04241) – THE GORIES – “I Know You Be Houserockin'” CD April 94
-(CR-CD-043) – THE LYRES – “Early Years – 1979-83 Live” CD April 94
-(CR-044) – THE OBLIVIANS – “Sunday You Need Love” 7″ April 94
-(CR-CD-013) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE Part 4” CD April 94
-(CR-CD-LR6502) – “STRUMMIN’ MENTAL Part 2” CD April 94
-(CR-047) – NINE POUND HAMMER – “Mulebite” LP/CD August 94
-(CR-048) – TEENGENERATE debt LP/CD September 94
-(CR-049) – NEW BOMB TURKS 2nd LP/CD September 94
-(CR-ST-006) – “LAS VEGAS GRIND Vol 5” LP/CD September 94
-(CR-ST-007) – “JUNGLE EXOTICA Vol 2” LP/CD September 94
-(CR-TTRB5464) – “TALKIN’ TRASH Vol 2” LP/CD September 94
-(CR-059) – “BACK FROM THE GRAVE Vol 8” 32-cut DBL-LP/28-cut CD September 94

DON’T PAY MORE THAN $6 US/10 Deutsch Marks/10 Guilders/1200 pesetas/30 French Francs/etc!!

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Photo Credits:
Devil Dogs by Michael Lavine
Mighty Caesars by Tom Bessoir
Gories by Steve Shaw
Blues Explosion by Michael Lavine
Raunch Hands by Whitney Ward
Nine Pound Hammer by Ryder C.
The Beguiled by Steve “bird” Crusinberry
New Bomb Turks by Reiner Holz
Fireworks by Jim Cole
Oblivians by Jim Cole

BARCODE: 4 016022 200430

MATRIX: “40323 * CRCD-1443 *”

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