V/A feat. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Everything Is Nice (2xLP, US)

26 October 1999 Matador Records OLE 400-1
01. The Lynnfield Pioneers – Windblown
02. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Naked
03. Non Phixion – Sleepwalkers
04. Arsonists – Universal Skills

01. Solex – Oh Cripes!
02. Pizzicato Five – One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Barbie Dolls
03. Khan – Body Dump (Super-8 Mix)
04. The Wisdom Of Harry – Schtumm

01. Guided by Voices
– Choking Tara (Creamy Version)
02. Yo La Tengo – Sugarcube (Live)
03. Pavement – Grounded (Crooked Rain Version)
04. Mary Timony – Aging Astronauts II

01. Cat Power – Sea of Love
02. Bardo Pond – Long Ride
03. Mogwai – Hugh Dallas

V/A feat. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Everything Is Nice (2xLP, US) - Cover
Double vinyl compilation featuring rare and unreleased tracks. Issued in stickered and shrink-wrapped sleeve with fold-out insert and die-cut white paper inner sleeves, also issued on as a triple CD set with additional tracks.

Compilation features the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion track Naked which, at the time, was exclusive to this release. Since the released of Everything Is Nice, Naked has been issued on Extra Width + Mo’ Width [2010] (2xCD, US) and Jukebox Explosion Rockin’ Mid-90’s Punkers which featured the following (questionable) sleeve notes; “This ultra-frantic monster was the A-Side to a limited edition giveaway single, inspired by avid nudist David Yow of the Jesus Lizard, who the Blues Explosion toured with early in their career. 100 copies were pressed and given to the lucky attendees at the Blues Explosion’s Third Anniversary show at Maxwell’s, in Hoboken, New Jersey.”

The CD edition also features the single Talk About The Blues and the DVD includes Flavor.

This compilation was issued as a Promo CD, triple CD set, double vinyl, DVD and Video.

A1. The Lynnfield Pioneers – Windblown
Writers: The Lynnfield Pioneers (BMI)
Recorded/Mixed: Greg Talenfeld and the band at Watworks NYC
Vocals: Dan Cook
Bass: Mike Janson
Farfisa/Drums: John Paul Jones
Previously unreleased
Contact: Lampshop Records, 500 State St. #3, Brooklyn, NY 11217 www.escape.com/~lampshop

A2. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Naked
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Published: Dirty Shirt, BMI
Recorded/Mixed: April 1993 at Waterworks NYC with Jim Waters
Produced: Jon Spencer
Previously unreleased
Contact: c/o Matador Records US

A3. Non Phixion – Sleepwalkers
Writers: Non Phixon (Qaballah Industries/Tortured Soul/Compulsive Disorder, ASCAP)
Produced: Goretex Medinah
Recorded by 10k at Area 51, Brooklyn
Mixed by Kieran Walsh & Non Phixon at D&D Recordings, NYC
“Sleepwalkers” contains a sample from “Black and Proud,” as recorded by Intelligent Hoodlum, under license from Universal Music Special Markets.
The composition embodies portions of “Sleepwalkers” written by P. Chapman and M. Williams (EMI April Music, Inc.).
Previously unreleased
Contact: c/o Matador Records US

A4. Arsonists – Universal Skills
Writers Swel/Freestyle/D. Story (BMI)
Produced: Q-Unique
Recorded at The Fire Place
Engineered/Mixed: Q-Unique
Previously unreleased
Contact: c/o Matador US web address: www.arsonists.com

B1. Solex – Oh Cripes!
Writer: E.L. Esselink (Harley Publishing)
Recorded/Produced/Mixed: Solex@AftrapMastering and finalizing van der Weij@Orkater
Previously unreleased
Contact: solex@xs4all.nl

B2. Pizzicato Five – One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Barbie Dolls
Writer: Konishi Yasuharu (Windswept Pacific, BMI)
Previously released only in Japan
Contact: Pizzicato Five International, Daikanyama Pacific Mansion #303, 10-14 Sanugaku-ch shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033, Japan

B3. Khan – Body Dump (Super-8 Mix) Writers: Julee Crise and Can “Khan” Oral (I’m A Girl, Warner/Copyright Control)
Recorded at Blue Box, NYC
Previously unreleased remix of song from “1-900-GET KHAN” OLE-345 DBL LP/CD
Contact: elturcoloco@aol.com

B4. The Wisdom Of Harry – Schtumm Writers: The Wisdom Of Harry (Copyright Control)
Recorded at Bigfoot
Contact: faux-lux, PO Box 20209, London NW1 1WN
e-mail: wisdomofharry@hotmail.com web: http://www.kleber.co.uk/faux-lux
Previously unreleased

C1. Guided by Voices – Choking Tara (Creamy Version)
Writer: Robert Pollard (Needmore Songs/Universal Music, BMI)
Recorded in 1996 by John Shough at Cro Magnon, Dayton, OH
Vocals/Guitar: Robert Pollard
Guitar: Doug Gillard
Guitar: John Petkovic
Bass: Don Depew
Drums: Dave Swanson
Previously unreleased recording of song originally on “Mag Earwhig” OLE-241 LP/CD
Contact: c/o Manage This, 160 W. 16th Street #1B, NYC 10011

C2. Yo La Tengo – Sugarcube (Live)
Writers: Yo La Tengo (Roshashauna Music/Excellent Classical Songs, BMI)
This version of “Sugarcube” was recorded live to a Professional Walkman at the Anthology Film Archives from the audience by Jeff Lazar. It was mastered by Sterling by Greg Calbi. Peter Walsh mixed the live sound, among lots of other help he provided.
Previously unreleased live version of track on “I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One” OLE-222 DBL LP/CD
Contact: P.O. Box 6028, Hoboken NJ 07030

C3. Pavement – Grounded (Crooked Rain Version)
Writer: S. Malkmus (Treble Kicker Publishing, BMI)
Recorded in 1993 at Random Falls
Previously unreleased recording of song originally on “Slanted & Enchanted” OLE-038 LP/CD
Contact: P.O. Box 5506, Berkeley, CA 94705 www.pavementtherockband.com

D4. Mary Timony – Aging Astronauts II
Writer: Mary Tomony (Loud Pink Birdsongs, ASCAP)
Recorded by Christina P. Files, April 29, 1999
Mary B. Timony played the Rhodes and Christina P. Files played the drums
Previously unreleased recording of song originally on “The Magic City” OLE-195 LP/CD
Contact: c/o Matador Records US

D1: Cat Power – Sea of Love
Writers: P. Baptiste and G. Khoury (Fort Knox Publishing, Tek Publishing, Trio Music Co. Inc., BMI)
Recorded and engineered by Nicolas at Rare Book Room, Brooklyn, NY, Summer of ’98
This song appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese release of “Moon Pix” OLE-286 LP/CD
Contact: c/o Matador Records US

D2. Bardo Pond – Long Ride
Writers: Bardot Pond (Capillary River/Doormat, BMI)
Recorded at Lemur House, Philadelphia, John Gibbons on saxophone.
Previously unreleased
Contact: 1801 N. Howard, Philadelphia, PA 19122

D3. Mogwai – Hugh Dallas
Writers: Mogwai (Chrysalis Music Publishing)
Recorded by Andy Miller at Chem 19 Studios, Hamilton
Previously unreleased
Contact: P.O. Box 15107, Glasgow, G1 1US, UK. E-mail: mogwai@clara.co.uk

Chris Knox once said “not all of my cliches are original”, neither are ours.

We could’ve called this record We Are Unreasonable People, but we’ve beat the angry-fuck-you thing to death and murder is still illegal. Instead, Matador Records chooses to celebrate out 10th or 11th year in the entertainment business by ignoring the the first 7 or 8 and refreshing your recent memory glands. Many styles, sounds and zodiac signs are represented here. If you get dizzy, please consult our websites for a waiver absolving us if you fall down and break something.

Now we’re beating the nice nice nice thing to death (with fluffy pillows). Cigarettes Are Nice. Feet Are Nice. Police Are Nice. Typhoons Are Nice. James Woods is Nice. So may of our early years were spent in a confusing haze: resentment and sexual tension combined to form an inarticulate rage, as typified by our last compilation, Fuck You, You Fuck, Vol II. Everything is better now. Everything Is Nice.

From New York to London and many places on the left of the former right of the latter (everything else is just water), we continually strive to bring you musical masterpieces. Loud and soft. Hard and fast. Linear and not. Matador’s upcoming 20th anniversary compilation (we’re divided between Everything Is Reasonable and Where’s My Clint?) might not exist in any configuration we’re currently aware of (kind of like vinyl 7 years ago). So enjoy these precious moments while you can.


1989 – Chris Lombardi packing H.P. Zinker Eps in his apartment, presiding over Dustdevils design-your-own-sleeve-fest (subsequent press-your-own-album parties don’t go nearly as well).
1990 – Ondras, Cosloy, Kugelberg and Lombardi living it up at 611 Broadway.
1991 – City Marshal arrives at the office with gun (Mark Ibold and Dan Dow witness label co-president being hauled off to jail, ala Bobby Seale).
1992 – Matador decides not to release Toys Went Berserk album after all. Diplomatic relations with Australia are severely strained, take years to fix.
1993 – Hippy Porn soundtrack set on fire at office accompanied by grape-stomping (security footage can be found in the Civil Disobedience Hall of Fame).
1994 – Label brass attends Grammies – GC purchases tux explaining, “We’re going to have to do this every year”.
1995 – Southside Johnny spotted in 676 Elevator (lease is broken soon afterwards).
1996 – Bad partnership with Capitol initiated – GC purchases monocle, explaining, “We’re going to be signing these things every year”.
1997 – Princess Diana killed in Paris car wreck.
1998 – Tumultuous year blamed on frequent elevator failure.
1999 – “Everything Is Nice!” chosen as label slogan over close contenders “Don’t Be Afraid of The Product” and “Chain Gang Video Not Included”.

Art Direction: Mark 0

BARCODE: 7 44861 04001 6