Jon Spencer – NME: Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells? (PRESS, UK)

12 June 2010 NME

Full page article from the NME in which Jon Spencer answers a series of ten questions about his career.

Article uses the incorrect artwork for the Groovy Hate Fuck (Feel Good About Your Body), refers to the Boss Hog release Cold Hands as “Straight Up” and spells Cristina with a ‘h’.

Question 4 mentions the live performance of 2Kindsa Love and Flavor on Australian TV show Recovery. The video can be seen on

Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells?
Testing Musicians’ Memories After A Lifetime of Abuse
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Jon Spencer

Name all three titles of Pussy Galore’s full-length second album.
“The first proper full-length album was ‘Right Now’ and the second was ‘Dial M For Motherfucker’. Then there were joke titles like ‘Make Them Eat Shit Slowly’, which was poking fun – we were label mates with White Zombie and they’d just released a record called ‘Make Them Die Slowly’ and I was envious I wasn’t given [the same amount] of money. We put the sticker on because the album jacket was just a photo. There was no type on the front, so the label wanted to put a sticker on – but they didn’t want to have ‘Dial M For Motherfucker’ on them, so we just put ‘New Album by Pussy Galore'”.

Name Your first compilation album.
“Pussy Galore had one called ‘Groovy Hate Fuck, Feel Good About Your Body’.”

On how many Boss Hog sleeves has your wife Christina Martinez appeared naked?
“Two. There’s Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lying”, she’s not strictly naked, she’s wearing boots but her business is on display. ‘Straight Up’ she’s totally naked. Then there’s ‘Girl Positive’ and it’s just a head and shoulder shot, it’s not a nudie photo. One of the versions of ‘Whiteout’, the US version, she’s not naked, she’s wearing panties but she’s made up to look all white and zombie’d and extensions were put in her hair to cover her breasts.”
Wrong. She’s strictly naked on one sleeve (‘Straight Up’) and at least partially naked on three (‘Straight Up’, ‘Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin”, ‘Whiteout’)

Which song were you playing with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion when you trashed a TV studio in Melbourne in ’97?
“We may have started with another song and went into ‘Flavour’. It wasn’t planned, it just kinda hit me. It may have just been exhaustion. You reach a point on tour and you get a bit punch-drunk. That show is broadcast live in the morning! They were all really nice about it though!”

Which household item do you stick your head out of in the video for JSBX’s ‘Wail’?
“A toilet.”

How many copies were made of Pussy Galore’s cassette release of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Exile On Main St.’?
“I think it was 550.”

Complete the following lyric: “Tell ’em/Sit back/Just watch ’em…”
“I dunno. That’s supposed to be my song? I’ve never included a lyrics sheet and the way in which I sing and the way the records are mixed, there’s a lot of different interpretations to my lyrics but that’s definitely not part of any of my songs.”
Correct. We made it up.

In Which city was your van broken into and your equipment stolen in 1999?
“It was Vancouver in Canada. It wasn’t all the equipment, it was just a few choice bits, the stuff that was closest to the door.”

Name all of the guests on Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s ‘Plastic Fang’.
“We had Dr John on a couple of things, and [Funkadelic/Parliament keyboardist Bernie Worrell, two great keyboardists. We had these other friends of [producer] Steve Jordan’s, real famous professional rock’n’roll guys who came by one day. I’m not gonna be able to think of their names…Who else, tell me.”
Half a point. Dr John, Willie Weeks, Bernie Worrell, Elliott Smith.

What’s the name of the Tiny Masters of Today album co-produced by your drummer Russell Simins?
“That’s not about my career. I kind of take offence at that, I thought you wanted to talk about me! My son enjoyed that record very much, I know it has a song called ‘Hey Mr DJ’. I can’t think of it right now, I’m calling foul.”
Wrong. ‘Bang Bang Boom Cake’.

Total Score
“What’s the prognosis doctor? I don’t wanna come off like a bad sport so I respect the judge’s opinion. That one about my drummer’s side-project? Give me a break, man!”