Jon Spencer – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Guitars / Amps / Pedals / Etc.

An attempt at a timeline covering gear at live performances only and disregarding tv, radio and in-store performances – this list is incomplete and will contain errors.

Please contact the site with any corrections / additional information.

Gear info and research by Sha Rivari (

"Zim-Gar" / FujiGen EJ-2-T with headstocks cut straight (at least 3 of them, original on right) 1991-2016
Ibanez Blazer BL-300NT 1993
Sunn Alpha 212r 2x12 combo amp, serial # A69502 1992 - 1999 (Stolen)
CMI Electronics (Gibson) SG Systems SG-212 100 w tube combo amp1992-1997
Marshall JCM800 head + unclear cab Kennel Club 1992 / Casbah 1994
Marshall head (possibly JMP 2203)+ Ampeg 4x10 cabBarcelona 1993
Peavey Heritage VTX 2x12 comboCirca. 1996 - 1998?
Mesa/Boogie Mark II short head + Mesa/Boogie 2x12 cab London 2002
Mesa/Boogie Caliber 50 1x12 combo amp, 1987 (1st) edition + 4x12 Marshall cab (spelling 'arsha' on grill cloth) Knitting Factory, NYC 2002
Kustom K200-B2 amp head (in blue Naugahyde, reverb and treble knobs have been replaced with non-Kustom ones) + Vox 2x12 cab2002-ca.2005
Kustom K200-B2 amp head + Vox 2x12 cab + Kustom 100 + 1x12 Mesa/Boogie cab (possibly)2002
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV 1x12 combo + 4x12 cab (possibly Marshall) Rome 2008
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV 1x12 combo + FAD 2x12 cab 2005-2011
Mesa/Boogie Mark II or III head + Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12 cabNew York 2008
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV 1x12 combo + Mesa/Boogie 1x12 cabinet 2010
Fender 4x10 cabinet with Mesa/Boogie Mark IV 1x12 combo and Mesa/Boogie Rectifier headNiceto Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV 1x12 combo + FAD Exploder head + FAD 2x12 cab
Exploder head designed for Jon Spencer
2010, 2012
Kustom 200 head (in blue Naugahyde) + Peavey Bandit 65 + Vox 2x12 cab DC 2012
Kustom 200 head (in blue Naugahyde) + Vox 2x12 cab with “heavy-metal” speakersUS/Canada 2010
FAD Exploder head + FAD 2x12 cab + FAD comboPrimavera 2011
Kustom 100w amp head (in black Naugahyde) + Peavey Bandit 65 + unclear 2x12 combo (possibly FAD) Birthdays, London 26 Sept 2012
Kustom 200w amp head (in black Naugahyde) + Peavey Bandit 65 + FAD 2x12 cab Electric Ballroom, London 2012, Turin 2013, Coachella 2014
Mesa/Boogie Rectifier head + Mesa/Boogie 4x12 angled cab Bluebird 2013
Mesa/Boogie (possibly Mark IV)1x12 combo + Roland Jazz Chorus 120 2x12 combo Sled Island 2013 and probably Zanne 2013
Magnitude Banditooo 65 combo + Magnitude Dirty Hill 1512 cab

The Banditoo 65 is a modded preamp Peavey 65 with a Celestion K100 speaker, made by request from JS
Brescia 2015
Peavey Bandit 65 + Sunn Alpha 212r Carrboro, Kansas City 2015
Kustom 100 (in blue Naugahyde) + Peavey bandit 65 + Vox 2x12 cabBarelona 2012
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe + Roland Jazz Chorus 120 2x12 combo Rosemount 2015
Mesa/Boogie combo + Mesa/Boogie 4x12 angled cab2011

Mesa/Boogie Mark IV 1x12 combo + FAD 2x12 cabTrieste 2011
Peavey Bandit 65 + unclear comboSan Jose 2015
Kustom 200 head (different model with more knobs) + Peavey bandit 65 + Vox 2x12 cab Canada 2013
Marshall 2x12 comboCasa do Conde, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil, 26 April 2001
Pedals / etc.:
Altair PW-5 Power Attenuator
(used with Kustom 200 head)
nb. “This unit is for reducing the decibels produced by your amp to get the sounds from a bigger amp in
a smaller venue.”
Circa 2004 +
Boss FS-5U footswitch2013
Boss TU2 tuner Circa 2000-2016
Peavey 2-button footswitch (used with Peavey Bandit 65)-
2-button footswitch (possibly Fender, used with Kustom)Circa 2002-2016
unclear pedal/effect2008
GHS Boomers Custom Shop custom sets (.011, .015, .018, .028, .036, .050) 2012 +
Dunlop Tortex 0.73mm 2000 +
Moog Vanguard with 2 white round and 2 white chickenhead knobs
(modified with two added input or output jacks at front,
connect to PA).

" we go just direct line through the PA. It saves you having to carry around an extra amp." - Jon Spencer, Fiz Interview
Circa 1992 - 1999 (Stolen)
Moog Etherwave (black cabinet) 2002
Moog Etherwave (ash cabinet)1999-2012
Hiwatt Echo-Theremin
nb. sometimes two are used on stage at the same time
Circa 2001 - 2012
Mark Keppinger vacuum tube theremin FS
nb. "There were only eight of these fine instruments built. I still have the first one. The second went to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion." - Mark Keppinger
Mark Keppinger custom-built white theremin with light 2013 - 2016
Moog Vanguard with standard black knobs 2001