Little Barrie – Love You (7″, UK)

15 January 2007 Genuine / PIAS / Wall of Sound GEN048S
01. Love You
02. Yeah We Know

Black vinyl 7″ with white paper die-cut inner-sleeve, also issued as a CD and promo only 7″.

The white label promo 7″ of this release features If I Don’t Have To Answer as the B-side rather than Yeah We Know You. The catalogue number of ‘GEN048S’ is exactly the same on this and the Promo 7″ but the run-out groove engravings give this the number “GEN 048S B2” and the Promo 7″ the number “GEN048S B.”.

Russell Simins and Dan The Automator (who are collectively Men Without Pants) worked with Little Barrie on most of the Stand Your Ground album. The album was first released on CD in Japan with one bonus track and later in the UK on vinyl and DigiPak CD.

In addition to Stand Your Ground Russell Simins has appeared the releases; Pin That Badge EP, Love You and Pay To Join.

01. Love You
Writers: Barrie Cadogan and Lewis Wharton
Guitar/Vocals: Barrie Cadogan
Bass/Backing Vocals: Lewis Wharton
Drums: Billy Skinner
Published: Copyright Control
Produced: Mike Pelanconi and Little Barrie
Engineered: Mike Pelanconi
Recorded at Fishmarket Studios, London

02. Yeah We Know
Writers: Barrie Cadogan and Lewis Wharton
Guitar/Vocals: Barrie Cadogan
Bass: Lewis Wharton
Drums: Russell Simins
Published: Copyright Control
Produced: Dan The Automator
Additional Production: Mike Pelanconi and Little Barrie
Engineered: Scott Harding
Recorded in New York and at Fish Market Studios, London

Direction/Design: Tom Hingston Studio
Calligraphy: Roger Taylor

BARCODE: 5413356474848

SIDE-A: “GEN 048S A. KRISP CUT @ ALCHEMY B659707-0111 508.0048.140”
SIDE-B: “GEN 048S B2 508.0045.140 B673709-01 B1”