Lyrics > Coldcut – Aid Dealer

Coldcut – Sound Mirrors [Card Sleeve] (CD, CANADA)
Writers: More/Black/Kinch/Brook
Published: Just Isn’t Music/Dune Music
From: Coldcut – Sound Mirrors
Source: Album Sleeve Notes
Man In A Garage
True Skool
Just For The Kick
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Mr Nichols
A Whistle And A Prayer
Everything Is Under Control
Aid Dealer
This Island Earth
Aid Dealer Aid Dealer Aid Dealer Aid Dealer Aid Dealer
Leave you with large debts and a contained fever I am an aid dealer injecting charity till your veins cease up aid dealer aid dealer aid dealer aid dealer aid dealer keep profits higher and labour cheaper aid dealer aid dealer aid dealer leave you in debt til your trade freeze up get a fix to your GDP call it charity believe it’s free
Go ahead I control inflation and all nations with donation got presidents signing cheques and a fleet of IMF private jets reconstruction packs get you hooked quicker than crack quicker than crack permanently have your grand-children working for me exports and all collateral trade overseas and object to the capitol I sell with a contract and a signature everyday get a call to deliver more from the primitive village to the bigger shore keep em poor coming back for a little more
Chorus Rwanda, Botswana, Ghana, McAragua, Angola, Somalia, Ethiopia, Yugoslavia. He you better pay up or I will dismantle your state fill the bag up I want all the cash in the safe you got two minutes to evacuate the place I want your purse your jewels and manufacturing base the best part is it’s all legal a fresh start I support people in a war region or an empty field there with a cheque book to settle a deal my work has achieved a purpose dump the surplus complete the service as long as it’s mismanaged slavery in a gift package if we are drawn
Your kids are born fed monetary aid in crystal form mothers homeless and fathers naked to gain interest after take it supply well the clientele economy to buy and sell more than the average addict got governments with a fiscal habit looking for military victims selling aid to any one who is not resisting with six figure addiction country locked in prison conviction [chorus out]