Lyrics > Coldcut – This Island Earth

Coldcut – Sound Mirrors [Card Sleeve] (CD, CANADA)
Writers: More/Black/Freeman/Skeef
Published: Just Isn’t Music/Copyright Control
From: Coldcut – Sound Mirrors
Source: Album Sleeve Notes
Man In A Garage
True Skool
Just For The Kick
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Mr Nichols
A Whistle And A Prayer
Everything Is Under Control
Aid Dealer
This Island Earth
From back streets we’re walking to the sun
Dawn just breaking days just begun
Across continents with a click on my finger
As old as she is she’s just a beginner
This island earth
Richest to poorest three worlds in one
Every creed and every tongue
Is the world spinning fast or are we slowing down
Got our head in the stars and our feet on the ground
Come back to earth come back to earth
Come back to come back to come back to earth
This island earth
This island earth
From mother to daughter
Father to son
What we teach our children what we pass on
Kinda hard just to embrace all the changes we’re facing
Nomadic migration the birth of new nation
This island earth this island earth is it beauty within us we’re scared to lose
Fighting it out on the evening news
By claiming it all there’s nothing to gain
is it harder to share or suffer the pain
Just come back to come back to come back to earth
This island earth this island earth