Lyrics > Crunt – Spam

Writers: Crunt
© Crunt, (p) Trance Syndicate, 1994
From: Crunt (CD, US)
Source: Crunt (CD, US)
Theme From Crunt
Black Heart
Changing My Mind
Snap Out of It
Bareass naked in a junkyard
Sump oil running down your leg
Rear view mirror not reflecting
Was pronounced engine dead
Hey Joe when you going
With that grease gun in your hand
Take your place but keep your distance You are of no consequence man
Steam pig eye pan
Metal head cam
The bad hand jammed
Electric spam spam spam
Damn spam man
Metal head cam
Stalled in Mame’s junkyard
Gear guts grinding gaining revs
You’re a lemon getting rusty
You’re an overheated bomb
Hey Joe. etc…