Lyrics > Crunt – Swine

Writers: Crunt
© Crunt, (p) Trance Syndicate, 1994
From: Crunt (CD, US)
Source: Crunt (CD, US)
Theme From Crunt
Black Heart
Changing My Mind
Snap Out of It
Fat swine in the slammer
Tounge stuck in the door
No place for a squealer
Fresh blood on the floor
Rub harder & harder
Make it shine even more
Suck fat from the stomach
Sex dog on the floor
Filthy swine
Want some attention
Trying hard
To make an entrance
Fat sow
Stink of affection
Sweet heart
Sweet meats
You want more now
Fat sow in the summer
She looked fine in the dark
Fuck hard and enjoy it
Big bow for applause
Quit while your aheada
You’re only making it worse
Breathe hard under water
Pig fat could be yours
Filthy swine etc…