Lyrics > Heavy Trash – That’s What Your Love Gets

Writers: J. Spencer / M. Verta-Ray
Published: © 2009 Patricia Ann Music/Marsupial Parlay Vous (BMI)
From: Midnight Soul Serenade
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Text in RED is unconfirmed but there may be other inacuracies in this transcription. This song also has a second backing vocal running through much of the song which is not shown below.
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You Got What I Need
C’mon, c’mon now baby
Take my little hand
Let’s not talk about that
Oh did ya understand?
I wanna kiss you forever
And love ya for all time
I go around the whole world
And know that you are always mine
When I leave this land
Feeling sick and dead
Stand up all alone

That’s what your love gets
[That’s what your love’ll gets]
That’s what your love gonna get
I’m not talking ’bout being a riddle

Comic books and vampires
Pleasant memories
They can keep me all waiting
I’d never ever split you for me

Broken heart and broken promise
Sick and wet
I’m a little hung over

That’s what your love is gonna get

Hey, help me ’cause I’m singing
Way down low
Oh, c’mon, c’mon pretty baby
You got to give me solid gold
You know I’m gonna hold a little bit longer
Hold on a little bit longer no more
‘Cause you more my pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty baby, that’s for sure
Sleep at night and at the weekend
There’s is no known cure
End of me and you

That’s what your love gets
[That’s what your love gets]
That’s what your love is gonna get
[That’s what your love gets]
[That’s what your love gets]

Broken heart
Broken promise
[That’s what your love gets]
That’s what your love is gonna get

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