Lyrics > Heavy Trash – The Pill

Writers: Jon Spencer & Matt Verta-Ray
Published: Patricia Ann Music / Marsupial Parlay Vous (BMI)
From: Favoritenserie No. 2
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: This track also appears on Midnight Soul Serenade.
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She called herself Betty, She were black jeans and a feather in her hair like an Indian
I took the pill and slipped it underneath my tongue
You took yours and passed me the bottle

The hotel bedspread was a mess of colours, Looked like somebody had thrown-up
Outside, day was coming in
Betty had long hair on her forearms
And a tattoo of the Neubauten logo on the back of her right shoulder

My jaw ached from grinding my teeth
You and betty just laughed and laughed
I looked at you and you looked at her
I felt sick to my stomach
You nudged me in the ribs, caught me eye and gave me a wink
The colours on the bed spread began to move
Together we begin to swim inside out

How I wish that I could feel that sound always
You know, around all time baby, so lonely, ah
That we’d get so far out, far away, always, always

There was a knock at the door
I was so messed up
It was so late
I was convinced that we shouldn’t move
But the music was so loud

How I wish that I could feel that sound always
You know, around all time baby, so lonely, yeah
oh my, got to get so far out, far away, always, always, always

It was then I realised that I couldn’t go back
The telephone rang, it was the front desk
You’ve just got to tap your heels together and say that
“There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home”
I don’t have that kind of power

Never did see Betty again
There’s no place like home
And the years went by