Lyrics > Men Without Pants – Double Life

Writers: Men Without Pants
Published: [Sleeve does not give publishing details for each track]
From: Men Without Pants (CD, JAPAN)
Source: Men Without Pants (CD, JAPAN)
All You Need Is Luck
And The Girls Go
The Beginning
Double Life
I Do
If You`re Thinkin' Of Me
Keep On Movin`
Let's Meet In Real Life
My Balloon
Never Gonna Do That Again
Right Now
Rock Show
These Days
At times it’s just us two
sometimes I wanna be with everyone else but you
This world is crazy
Man I swear
Sometimes I don’t really fuckin’ care

Feels like I’m livin’ a double life
Like I’m livin’ a double life
Sometimes it’s better to lie than tell the truth
Woke up this morning in a cold cold sweat
Must be something I did or haven’t yet


Don’t know where I’m goin’

Livin’ a double life

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