Lyrics > Men Without Pants – If You`re Thinkin’ Of Me

Writers: Men Without Pants
Published: [Sleeve does not give publishing details for each track]
From: Men Without Pants (CD, JAPAN)
Source: Men Without Pants (CD, JAPAN)
All You Need Is Luck
And The Girls Go
The Beginning
Double Life
I Do
If You`re Thinkin' Of Me
Keep On Movin`
Let's Meet In Real Life
My Balloon
Never Gonna Do That Again
Right Now
Rock Show
These Days
Feels like a bad dream
I’m not wakin’ from
Everything’s so empty
With you gone

We thought we found it
We thought we had it all
But things they change
Like they do
And it’s all over now

And I wonder if you’re thinkin’ of me tonight
Like I’m thinking of you

We did so much together
So much came to an end
And it gets so hard sometimes
To say goodbye my friend

So here’s to all the sadness
how things turned out to be
I’m haunted by these love songs
And by you’re memory


Thinkin’ of me
In the lonely night
When you’re dreamin’
Thinkin’ of me
When you’re with them
like you we’re with me

Sometimes I get a feelin’
I don’t wanna know
I still hear your voice
When I walk through that door


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