Mama Rosin – Bye Bye Bayou (Directors Cut) (CD, CANADA)

4 June 2013 Bonsound Records BONAL024-CD
01. Bye Bye Birdy Black
02. Down From the South
03. Sailor Blues
04. Black Samedi
05. I Don’t Feel at Home
06. Sorry Ti Monde
07. Wivenhoe
08. Story of Love And Hate
09. Sittin on Top of the World
10. Marilou
11. Seco e Molhado
12. Paraît qu’y a pas le temps
13. Où est passé Arthur Lyman?
14. Jungle Book
Mama Rosin - Bye Bye Bayou: Directors Cut (CD, CANADA) - Cover

CD edition of the ‘Directors Cut’ edition with track list selected by Jon Spencer. This version has alternate artwork and three new songs in comparison toBye Bye Bayou, recorded at NY Hed with Matt Verta-Ray and Jon Spencer from 3 to 10 November 2011, also issued on vinyl.

News Entries:

The band posted a set of 56 “New York Session” photos on their page (some of which are posted below).

15 June 2012: Seco e Molhiado video posted on youtube “recorded in NYC by Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion) & Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash). Jon Spencer plays baritone DanElectro Guitar on the song”.

31 August 2012: Album title ‘Bye Bye Bayou’ announced and trailer posted on youtube.

09 September 2012: Video for Paraît Qu’y A Pas L’Temps posted.

16 September 2012: Mama Rosin appeared on the BBC Radio 6 Music Cery’s Matthews show recording an interview covering their career and recording Bye Bye Bayou with Jon Spencer along with live versions of new songs Wivenhoe and Paraît Ît Qu’y Pas L’Temps.

03 October 2012: Video for Bye Bye Birdy Black posted

10 October 2012: Album released on vinyl / CD.

4 June 2013: Directors Cut edition released on CD.

Mama Rosin are:
Robin Girod
Xavier Bray
Cyril Yeterian

Produced/Mixed: Jon Spencer
Recorded: Matt Verta-Ray
Recorded at NY Hed, New York, US
Mastered: Ivan Julian

All Songs & Lyrics by Mama Rosin
Except ‘Sittin’ on top of the World’
(Trad. arranged by Mama Rosin)

All instruments played by Mama Rosin
And some additional musicians:
Contrebasse played by Kyle Kegerreis on ‘Marilou’
and on ‘Parait Qu’y a Pas Le Temps’,
Saxophone played by Matt Verta-Ray on ‘Black Samedi’
Baritone Guitar played by Jon Spencer on ‘Seco E Molhado’,
Acoustic Bass played by Ernie Brooks on ‘Down From The South’

“Thanks to Jon Spencer for his track list of contrast merci bon sound for the support, thanks to the closest persons we have on earth: Marilou, Lucie, Dunja, Celine & Alma Rose.

This album has been inspired by our lives made of permanent travel, haunted by Jonathan Richman’s never ending summer feeling.”

ARTWORK: Dunja Stanic Girod @ Seriously Delicious Design

BARCODE: 7 79913 30242 5